Vauxhall Agila - PoloGirl
Don't worry - I haven't bought one! I do need a manual though, and despite searching the Haynes website, there doesn't appear to be one.

Might it be under Suzuki? What as?

Anyone else know where I can get a manual similar to a Haynes if there is no Haynes manual?


Vauxhall Agila - Dynamic Dave
Might it be under Suzuki? What as?

Suzuki Wagon R.
Vauxhall Agila - tack
yeah right......sounds like the old "My friend has this problem....." :0)
Vauxhall Agila - Avant
I'll spring to PoloGirl's defence on this one - Tack, you may have missed a thread where she was going to be really brave, ignoring the comments of the diehards, and get a Skoda Fabia VRS. Her courage failed her and she has ordered a Golf.

She no doubt wants a manual for an Agila to know what she's missing, and rejoice.
Vauxhall Agila - PoloGirl
Nothing to do with my confidence failing me... common sense took over! For the umpteenth time, if I was spending my own money, I'd have the Skoda every time, but the infinitely better specced and more modern safety featured golf came in at the same price to lease, and I have to keep the car for four years.

Anyway, the Agila belongs to a relative, and is actually, I hate to say it, a sweet little car. We found a service and repair manual on CD on ebay, but when it arrived it wants a ridiculous amount of memory to work, so we'd like the book.

Vauxhall Agila - tr7v8
Depends on year as to whether the Wagon R is the same, latest ones are but earlier ones weren't.
Engine & Box of early ones were Corsa based, one of the reasons I brought the Suzuki. Bodies are all assembles in Hungary though.
Vauxhall Agila - No FM2R
>>but when it arrived it wants a ridiculous amount of memory to work,

How much ?
Vauxhall Agila - PoloGirl
1900MB. I think that's a lot - isn't it?

Vauxhall Agila - No FM2R
!!!! That's a Load.

Are you sure you read it right ?
Vauxhall Agila - SpamCan61 {P}
Dunno what software you've got there PG; my Vauxhall TIS2000 disks ( 2 CDs of service info. and 2 CDs of parts catalogue) run fine on a laptop with 512Mb of RAM. An utter pain in the bottom to install under Win XP mind you.
Vauxhall Agila - pmh
How many CDs? or is it on a DVD?

Sounds to me as though that is the space needed on a Hard drive to install it. In which case install it, you will hardly notice the difference!
(Assuming a modern machine with a reasonable Hard disc).

pmh (was peter)


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