Volvo V40 heated seat - Cheeky
Dear All,

A Volvo V40 with heated seats. Driver's side works fine. Passengers seat appears to not heat at all. The light on the switch illuminates, and the connections under the seat appear sound and secure. Do elements burn out? Any other suggestions.....

Many thanks all.
Volvo V40 heated seat - bell boy
Swap the squabs?
Volvo V40 heated seat - Dynamic Dave
Anyone sat in the seat when you try? If not, maybe it has a pressure pad built into the seat that only operates the heater when someone is sat on it.
Volvo V40 heated seat - Cheeky
Yes - The missus and I got soaked in a thunderstorm today and she tried the heated seat to dry her out (!!). That's when we found it wasn't working. Mine was definately on as I gloated all the way down the M40...
Sounds like a dodgy element then I think.... Switch and connections all seem OK
Volvo V40 heated seat - Hamsafar
Like you say must be a broken element or connection within the seat, could be caused by people kneeling onto the squab with door open to find things they dropped in the car etc...
Volvo V40 heated seat - Altea Ego
"she tried the heated seat to dry her out"

ooo no, dont do that, it makes them smell.
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Volvo V40 heated seat - George Porge
Check hand book for fuses / relays (swap drivers for passengers to test)

Unplug the element and check for power at the plugs. Aldi have multi meters for £7 if you don't have one
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