Glass's Guide E39 5 Series values - MichaelR
Hi all,

As part of my car buying research, I've bought a copy of Glass's Guide. It's a May 2006 copy - my thinking being it shows worst case scenario - ie, the most I should have to pay for the cars described within at trade price at auction.

However, the adjustrment has got me somewhat confused. For this example, I will use a 2002/52 plate 530i Sport.

With 42k miles, a 52 plate 530i Sport Automatic trade books at £14175. A manual trade books at £12500.

With 100k miles, more my sort of thing, the price is £9975 and £8875

So, from this I decude that manuals are NOT sought after and this is reflected in the residuals. Fair enough. Seems to adjust with mileage fair enough as well, the higher the mileage, the lower the price and, logically, the lower the difference in residual value. With it so far.

But then it says:

'Values inc des met paint, leather and Comms Pk. Models wothout Comms Pk less £1500'.

This is the bit I just dont get. It appears that the lack of the Comms Pack (Navigation system, television and phone system) reduces the price by £1500, whatever. Thats £1500, irrespective of mileage and age - so it takes £1500 off a £20k mint 03 plate with 10k on it, and £1500 off the leggy 100k miler.

Now, given that the Comms Pack is far from commonplace in the 530i, it means that if I want a 100k mile 530i Sport with a manual gearbox, desireable metallic paint and leather interior but I dont want a Comms Pack, I should expect to pay...

£7375 - less infact, £7375 if I was buying 2 months ago.

This seems too good to be true. Surely the comms pack cannot have a £1500 effect on residuals of 100k mile 4 year old cars? I'd understand if this was a low mileage car on a dealers forecourt but high mileage auction fodder?

Now, Glass's is supposed to be pretty accurate. Can I genuinelly expect to be able to get a 52 plate 530i Sport with 100k for under 7500 quid if I dont want satnav?

Generally, I have figured that for my budget of £8k, I should be able to get:

2002/52 with 90k or more
2002/02 with 80k or more
2001/51 with 70k or more

Would you guys agree with this appriasal? Or am I missing something pretty fundamental about using Glass's Guide?

It's quite staggering how much of an effect mileage has - it seems pretty good I can buy a car for less than £8k which, if it had half the miles and was on a dealers forecourt, would attract a price north of £16,000.

Note, I'm aware of the running costs of the car, the potential pitfalls of buying at auction, etc etc - so this isnt an 'is it too good to be true' post.
Glass's Guide E39 5 Series values - Hamsafar
It's only a guide (hence the name)
Glass's Guide E39 5 Series values - massey
I think 'less £1500 without comms pack' refers to average mileage and in retail condition?

Glass's Guide E39 5 Series values - MichaelR
I think 'less £1500 without comms pack' refers to average
mileage and in retail condition?

Could be although no mention of whether you should, and if so how you should, adjust that £1500 less for mileage, is made. Any ideas how I'd do that, if indeed this is the case?
Glass's Guide E39 5 Series values - massey
Just a wild guess on my part.

But if high mileage car is booked 30% less then only take 30% of £1500 making it £1000 without comms?

Bye the way June Glasse's guide price for this car is £13775 (auto) £12100 (manual)
Glass's Guide E39 5 Series values - MichaelR
Good thought - and cheers for the more up to date value.

Could you tell me what the mileage adjustment for 100k is - is it still £3675?
Glass's Guide E39 5 Series values - massey
0252 530d 100,000 less £4,125 (June gude)

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