Vectra stalling - AdyBeee
my mates Vectra SRI 140ps, S reg, 84,000 miles has a stalling problem.
It will jump start ok, battery is flat even though it is a new battery. After 1 minute of running on tick over or driving, all the dash lights come on very dimly, abs, airbag, engine management, the lot. Even the rev counter drops to zero even though the engine is still running.
Then the engine starts to back fire and gradually loses the battle and stalls with a cough and splutter.
It first happened 3days ago on the way home from work, then after 30mins started ok, only to die again a mile up the road. Now its stuck on the drive with a flat battery, and when jump started, does the same even when sat on idle.

Any idea's???

TIA AdyBee...
Vectra stalling - Dynamic Dave
Try fully charging the new battery and then report back.

My money is on a duff alternator though.
Vectra stalling - AdyBeee
By saying the battery is new, I mean it is 3 months old, the car has run fine on it, up till now. Sorry for the mis-leading info there.
Vectra stalling - elekie&a/c doctor
Sounds like the alternator is faulty & not producing any voltage charge.Check the battery warning light illuminates when key is turned to ignition on.
Vectra stalling - AdyBeee
It was the alternator. You guys were right 8)


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