Bumper damage - Greg R

I had my car parked in London, and a car caused damage to the bumper. It has a dent in it basically.

What is the best way that this can be repaired?

The person who damaged the vehicle left a note to call him. I did call him, but he is on holiday for 20 days. He doesn't want to do it through his insurance but just wants to get a cheap fix. Obviiously, doing it through insurance will cost him.

Of course, I don't have his car details, so can't really persue it.

I am glad in one sense that he left the note there...many wouldn't and don't.

Any ideas. I live in SW london, are there any bodywork magicians around here that anyone knows of. I also go to Brighton a lot...anyone there who someone knows about that does a good job at a reasonable cost?


Bumper damage - Armitage Shanks {p}
Brighton area plastic and paint fixers at


An answer in 3 minutes - is this a record?
Bumper damage - bell boy
quite a few modern type bumpers are not repairable get it to a bodyshop and get a quote...
Bumper damage - Dynamic Dave
It has a dent in it basically.

Depending on the size / shape of the dent, sometimes these can be "massaged" out using a hot air gun. That is of course providing the bumper wasn't colour coded and in need of some paint as well.
Bumper damage - Lud
Whenever any car manufacturer asks for feedback in any shape or form, go on and on boringly about the uselessness and deliberate flimsy expensive complication of contemporary bumpers.

What really is the point of having them as cosmetic end panels if they don't resist scuffing etc and protect the rest of the car? It's a con designed to feed the bodyshops and aftermarket, and buyers shouldn't stand for it.

Someone bumped Greg R's car when it was parked. This just happens. Either you do it yourself or someone else does, sooner or later, unless you're very lucky and very perfect as a driver.

Of course one quite likes the look of some of these lipstick bumpers until the lipstick gets smeared. Then you're driving around in a motor that looks like an Essex chavette after a very rough night.
Bumper damage - bell boy
if you try this yourself you run the risk of stretching the plastic and "white lineing it" it takes lots of practice to know how to push it out without doing more damage and also the hot air gun can melt any nibs on the bumper
If you really want to do it yorself the bumper off and boiling water on the back of the dent is usually much more succesful.......just be careful
Bumper damage - catsdad
Before dismissing as a minor job I suggest you check underneath/behind to see what the bumper bears on and whether that is damaged. We are just awaiting assessment by a body shop following a minor bump from behind into my wife's Astra estate. The bumper has a minor ding and two deep scratches that dont look too bad but of more concern is that the semi-concealed panel under the car that the polystyrene bumper "filler" rests on is now genlty bowed inwards rather than straight. So what looks like a minor repair may turn out ot be rather more.
Bumper damage - Altea Ego
I suggest you get a quote for a newone and get matey to pay for it
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Bumper damage - L'escargot
He doesn't want to do it through his insurance

I wouldn't dream of accepting an offer for someone to pay for the damage themselves. As soon as you tell them the cost they will usually ask you to find somewhere cheaper, or they'll offer to get it repaired themselves. Isn't it a legal requirement that they have to disclose their insurer? Failing that, try asking your insurer to trace their insurer ~ you may be pleasantly surprised.
Bumper damage - Greg R
Thanks for all your replys.

All I have is the name of the person that hit my car, and he gave his number which is a mobile no.I don't have a no plate no though!

I rang him, and the holiday thing does sound a little convenient. But I will be optimistic, but will have in the back of my mind the fact that I might need to pay for it myself.

An independent will cost £250 (in Burgess hill).

Obviously, the hassle is really annoying, but that's life.

The person who hit it seems to have very little money (or is really tight). At the end of the day, he hit my car, he should pay for it. But then the moral value of britian are falling...but thats another story!
Bumper damage - Dynamic Dave
The person who hit it seems to have very little money

Which begs the question why doesn't he want to do it through his insurance? Maybe because he isn't insured?

Regardless of how little money he has, as you quite rightly say, he should still pay for the damage.
Bumper damage - Altea Ego
As the man in the shell above stated. NEVER EVER - thats NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES except anyones offer or assurance to pay for something without going through insurance. Invariably it always ends up with a shed load of hastle and broken promises, usually culminating in a denial of liability or even trying to switch blame

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Bumper damage - Hamsafar
What I reckon will happen, is within three weeks, he will have had chance to relax, and get a new SIM card for £4 and will have had chance to tell all his mates the new number, at which point the old SIM will be thrown out of his car window. If it was me, I'd go to your insurer, at least then it may come from the uninsured loss recovery scheme. In any carse, good luck, hopefully I'm wrong!

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