Census madneess - henry k
A good idea to have a census on the A127 on one of the hottests days?

Census madneess - leef

The Census people were lucky not to get a beating in that weather....
Census madneess - bell boy
traffic counting idiot people parked near my house last year on the grass verge in winter chewing up the grass i told them get their cars off there now you are ruining it they said we have permission i said no you have permission to count vehicles not sit in your car to do it and stuff your face at the same time i moved them .........
Census madneess - SlidingPillar
Luckily I've only been stopped once by a traffic survey, and when I was it was not that hot, nor was there a queue worth talking about..

And from their point of view, absolutely completely unhelpful.

Q Purpose of journey?
A To buy the car on my trailer

Q How often do you use this road?
A Other than today, I don't.

And a few other questions that would have been answered by a re-iteration of the former. But as the survey was a checklist - were of course asked.


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