Are we there yet, Dad? - SjB {P}

Heh heh!

Are we there yet, Dad? - SpamCan61 {P}
My personal 'best' was on a journey from Basingstoke to Padstow; my 5 year old daughter uttered the dreaded words as I drove onto the M3 J7; 1 mile form home and 160 miles form my destination....
Are we there yet, Dad? - PW
Whats the normal age for them to start asking this? My Eldest is 3 1/2- youngest 9 months. Roughly how long before journeys become a nightmare?
Are we there yet, Dad? - SpamCan61 {P}
About 5 I reckon, let's say school age. The nightmares don't really begin until you've got two of the little 'darlings' in the same vehicle.
Are we there yet, Dad? - PW
An American stretch limo with drivers partition suddenly seems appealing.....

Just hoping eldest carries on being a tomboy- gets excited by buses, big trucks, planes and especially big fast motorbikes. Also tries to spot other Picassos and Fiestas so driving as yet is still fun for her. Please, please please let it last.
Are we there yet, Dad? - Gromit {P}
No good reason why the interest shouldn't continue (well, until the teens at least...) if you encourage it.

I still remember my father's guided tours on holiday and long journeys. Even if he didn't know the place, he'd start some discussion about what was to be seen on the other side of the VW bus's windows. And I don't recall "are we nearly there yet?" being asked inside that bus very often.

Mind, for his trouble, it was about the only question he wasn't asked in the course of a journey...
Are we there yet, Dad? - mss1tw
Have some happy memories of driving all around Cornwall in our old Transporter as it happens!

'Are we there yet?' was asked out of excitement, not boredom. The journey was part of the holiday!
Are we there yet, Dad? - PoloGirl
Be thankful that it's "Are we there yet" and not "can we stop, I feel sick!"

Are we there yet, Dad? - SpamCan61 {P}
>>"can we stop, I feel sick!"

LOL - yes it's at least a week since I've had to try and remove the vomit from the seat belt buckles on SWMBO's Zafira...Febreze is a wonderful product.
Are we there yet, Dad? - PW
Bought some good upholstery cleaner when I sold the Mondeo- is called Val-ay or something along those lines. Really impressed with it- sounds like you could do with it too!!!
Are we there yet, Dad? - SpamCan61 {P}
Thanks for that PW; thankfully my teenage daughters are past the chucking up stage* ( unless they're in my Omega), but my 3 year old son isn't so that Val-ay could come in useful.

* they just try and kill eachother all the time they're in the car. I would definately pay good money for one of those glass partitions, preferably with a James Bond style gas dispenser to fill the rear of the car with some sedative gas, for when things get a bit out of hand.

Veering wildy off topic am I the only over 40 who can hear that 'teacher proof' ringtone that's doing the rounds at the moment? Just sounds flippin painful to me.

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