Skoda 1.9D Alternator Belt. - Alek Smart
My 1998 Skoda Felicia 1.9D threw its Alternator Belt ......
I suppose I should have been suspicious when the dealer actually had a replacement IN Stock..
To cut to the chase....How does one go about releasing the tension on the roller to allow the new belt to be fitted....
I`m typing with my toes cos my fingers are skint from trying to pull the arm up and slip the belt on.......
Skoda 1.9D Alternator Belt. - bell boy
last time i looked at one of these i gave up trying to work out how to do it but the book time is half an hour that confirms to me its a pig to do........
dealer should have belt .....its a serviceable item the way bet it cost no more than £15 though?
Skoda 1.9D Alternator Belt. - Alek Smart
Yes Oldman..It cost ?19 which is about £15 ish.......
The problem is lack of space to get leverage on the Tensioner arm,which appears to be in a rubber bush arrangement...the lack of an "Old Style" pivoting Alternator also contributes to my Pain....
Skoda 1.9D Alternator Belt. - wemyss
Got my mate from a few doors away who is a vauxhall mechanic to change mine on Vectra 2.0 diesel after having the same problem.
Firstly he sketched how the belt went round the various pulleys.
Jacked up and took the road wheel off and a piece off the under wing plastic shield.
Got me to pull on the socket with a long bar while he replaced it from underneath the wing.
It took a surprising amount of effort to hold the spring back while he did this.
Not a job to do at the side of the road on your own.
Skoda 1.9D Alternator Belt. - Another John H
Regrettably my Haynes book is away with the car at the moment, so I couldn't say if the belt layout on the 1.9D is anything like the six groove flat "serpentine" belt on the later 1.3's (which have this belt arrangement to drive a 90 Amp alternator and aircon, when fitted..)

But if it is, it needs a spanner/tool on the outer end of the tensioner to slacken the belt off. You need to hold against the spring when you finish threading the belt and ease it over the last pulley.

Looking back from the radiator the tensioner is bolted to the engine block, where the spanner/tool (about 15mm AF) fits protrudes from the right hand end and has only two flats on it, rather than a hexagonal end.

Skoda 1.9D Alternator Belt. - Alek Smart
Thanks to all...
The updated situ.....Definitely NOT a Kerbside job.
Secret was in getting it up on a ramp....removing the drip tray and hey presto...the rear of the Tensioner Assembly is laid bare for all,including the flat machined onto the unit.
This allows the tension to be released while the belt can then be threaded onto the pulleys.
Being a diesel means the fuel pump obscures the thing from the top whilst the drippy keeps the secret from below..
Moral of story.....Kerbside is for crawling not Belt changing...get a ramp !!

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