VW Golf Mk 4 (2001) Wiper Motor - fitchy
My front wiper motor has packed up and when i looked at changing it couldn't see how u got to it looks enclosed by plastic trim which goes up to windscreen no fixings on it . Does it just pull off or will this break it ? Any advice much appreciated .
VW Golf Mk 4 (2001) Wiper Motor - charlesb

I had to remove the scuttle panel over the wipers when I had a leak problem. here is a link to how I did it.


Be careful when putting the panel back. You can crack the windscreen. Clean the panel completely and then spray with WD40

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VW Golf Mk 4 (2001) Wiper Motor - George Porge
A friend of mine has just replaced the motor on his golf, check the linkage has'nt seized, thats what caused the motor to blow on his.
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VW Golf Mk 4 (2001) Wiper Motor - fitchy
Thanks a lot guys it's the 1st time i've used this forum you've been a great help !!!!!

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