307 110 Hdi were is it? - Amy
Hello i'm trying to find were i fill up the diesel additive, as i'm getting the warning on the dash 'diesel additive minimum level' i've purchased a filling kit for £30 but can't find were to attach it, i've looked on the fuel sender unit under the o/s rear seat but can only see the fuel feed and return lines, please please can anybody help, i understand you have to take the vehicle to a st ealer to have the ecu updated that it has been replenished, is there a cheaper alternative? any help much appreciated.
307 110 Hdi were is it? - Armitage Shanks {p}
I didn't know this was a DIY job. The stuff is apparently in a clear tank, near the fuel tank, and can been seen when the car is on a ramp or lift. The fluid (EOLYS) costs £25 a litre and a full fill is 5 litres. If you are running out of EOLYS you may be coming up to the 72K miles service which is when the particle filter has to be cleaned/serviced or replaced at a price of £700. Stand by for even more expense!

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