Selling Roof Bars on e-bay - reevsie
Recently scrapped a mk2 astra and have put my genuine vauxhall roof bars for sale on ebay. I want to find out if these items fit other cars in the vauxhall range and was wondering if there is an online resource listing part numbers. I was thinking of phoning the local vauxhall garage but their parts dept is not particularly helpful and thats on a good day!
Selling Roof Bars on e-bay - astgte
Know what you mean, I think all vauxhall dealer parts departments are trained to be that way, why not try they are pretty friendly vauxhall specialists, they may be able to help you.
Selling Roof Bars on e-bay - Armitage Shanks {p}
Why not list them with the part number plus what car you used them on and make it a condition of sale that the buyer determines whether they are correct for the car they have in mind? You could finish up with a buyer saying they didn't fit after all, so let them do the legwork!
Selling Roof Bars on e-bay - Chris M
Look at some of the other listings on ebay. Appears they fit Mk2 - 4. You can check on Halfords and/or Thule websites. To cover yourself, put something like "they fitted my Mk2 but I believe they also fit xyz, but buyer should check before bidding"

Chris M

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