xsara Hdi crazy speedo - caspian
Anyone heard of this before??

I have an 02 Xsara 2.0 Hdi with just over 105K on the clock.
Passed MoT two days ago.

Yesterday, (day after MOT!) driving down the motorway at 2500 rpm. speedo read 100 mph.

When I got to work, it settled back, at rest showing 30mph.

I found that if I turned the ignition on, and then off again, just after turning it off, the would be a little 'click' , all the gauges would jump a little, and the speedo dropped down by about 4 mph.
So I turned the ignition on and off, till it clicked back to zero again

Drove home, no problem.

Back to work this morning and I could see the speed indication 'ticking' up a few mph at a time.
100, 120, 130, 140, past the 140 right on round till the needle was pointing more or less straight down. About 185 at a guess.

Got to work, and as I slowed down, the speed indicated dropped back by about the right amount to settle at 140.

A few minutes of ignition on-off, and it was back to zero again.

As far as I can tell, rev counter all other gauges, and odometer are all working fine.

It seems as though the thing is continually ticking zero further and further round the dial

Went on a short drive lunchtime, -- no problem at all..

Any ideas what is going on here???

xsara Hdi crazy speedo - spikeyhead {p}
if speedos still work like they did when I was a lad, then the return spring on the speedo is on the way out.

Try tapping it the next time you're driving to see if it drops.

You'll probably need a new speedo.

Howver, if I were designing one now, then I'd just link a stepper motor to the vehicle bus and take teh speed info from the ecu and use that to move the needle or drive a digital display. That would be far cheaper than a speedo cable and the speedo itself.
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xsara Hdi crazy speedo - spikeyhead {p}
to continue from my first reply when I hit return too early, then if the speedo has been realised like this it could be an interconnect problem tat could lie anywhere on the bus, though its unlikely to be anywhere otehr than on the speedo with nothing else is misbehaving.

Hopefully someone else who knows the setup on your car will be along soon with more specific info.
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xsara Hdi crazy speedo - LeePower
I would have a look & see if the speedo needle has come lose from its small metal shaft.

You would need to unclip the clear plastic to check, A drop of superglue fixes this fault.

Seen a few 206s with this fault, Worth a look anyway.

If you go the second hand set of clocks route, After matching part numbers get a set with a LOWER reading then the ones fitted to your car now.

On the PSA stuff thats multiplexed ( Like this Xsara is ) the mileage reading is stored in the ECU, BSI unit & the speedo.

But the speedo will always display whichever reading is highest out the 3!

You will also notice if you unplug the instruments that the rest of dash will light up like an xmas tree, Dont worry its ment to do that.

Once the instruments are plugged back in the lights will go out.

Its down to the CAN system looking for the instruments & not being able to find them ( because they have been unplugged ) so it lights up the dash to show theres a fault with the CAN system.

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