Peugeot 406 continuous beep - richardwhj
Since the battery went flat and the car wouldn't start, I charged the battery and now have a continuous beep inside the car. Do I need to reset something to get rid of this beep?
BTW 1996 Executive Saloon.
Peugeot 406 continuous beep - Saltrampen
This type of thing normally relates to a radio code or maybe an immobilser code.
(Anything flashing on the radio display?)
Have you read the manual that came with the car about what to do when changing a battery - the same should apply...

Peugeot 406 continuous beep - Saltrampen
Just thinking - If the car thinks the lights have been left on , it will often give a continous beep when you take the key out of the ignition - Obviously if the lights are off or the key is in, it should stop - but if there are any shorts or faults in the lights on warning system (or light system) it could drain the battery and also trigger the beep - This is probably a long shot but it is a possibility....

Peugeot 406 continuous beep - LeePower

It could be the battery back up alarm system playing up.

Did you try re setting it? The key switch is inside the boot on I think the left hand side.

Look in the owners handbook for a picture.

Also all 4 windows will need re setting to get the total closure feature working again after the battery has been replaced.

The keypad will beep but only if you try to start the car with out putting the code in, If the key pad lets you put a code in & the light then goes green then it wont be that.
Peugeot 406 continuous beep - richardwhj
Thank you for your replies.

I think it has to do with the immobilser and/or alarm system.

Never had a car with so many electric/ alarm things before and find this a bit annoying. Hope newer cars can cope better when this kind of thing arises.
Peugeot 406 continuous beep - LeePower
Does the alarm system arm / disarm ok? Does the alarm siren sound if you open the door manually with the key in the door lock when its armed ( wait 45 seconds after arming before trying )

Does the keypad arm & disarm ok? Only continueous beep I remember on Pugs is when you try to crank the engine over with keypad armed.
Peugeot 406 continuous beep - richardwhj
Alarm system is not responding to squeezing the remote button, assuming it isn't arm /disarming ok.

Keypad is working OK. Engine starts and car is driveable.

Can't find the button in the boot.
Peugeot 406 continuous beep - LeePower
Have you re programmed the remote keyfobs after disconnecting the battery?

Is the remote deadlocking working?

Press big button on keyfob & then within 3 seconds little button, Deadlocks are set, windows will shut if left open ( & you have reprogrammed them ) & the alarm system will arm.

The 406 deadlocking remote control has specific button controls, and if the vehicle has two controls, one is set as primary and the other as secondary.

1. Turn the Ignition switch ON.
2. Press the large Plip key button (Primary Plip)

3. Within 10 seconds press the large Plip key button (Secondary Plip)

4. If there is one remote, press the Primary plip button twice.

5. Turn ignition OFF.

6. Test Plip?s for correct operation.

NOTE : On some 406 models, Plips cannot be re-synchronised unless the battery has been disconnected for 1 minute.

Im pretty sure there should be a small key switch hidden by a small black cover inside the boot, I think its on the left hand side.

The owners manual shows a picture of it.

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