Petrol in Dunkerque (well diesel) - stevied
Hi all

I am driving to Germany today/tomorrow. My ferry from Dover to Dunkerque is at midnight; anyone know a 24 hour garage for when I get to Dunkerque? I aim to fill up abroad, as it's cheaper!

I am wary of the automated ones, as I had a bit of a Basil Fawlty moment at one in 2003.....

All advice greatefully received!
Petrol in Dunkerque (well diesel) - Collos25
When you come of the ferry you will travel on an unlit road and then round a roundabout direct onto the Antwerp road missing Dunkerque its a long way to next service station .Make sure you have enough fuel to get you to the outskirts of Antwerp as the services are manned and the prices are cheapest in Belgium,dearest is Holland .Those automated pumps that take only local bank cards are a nightmare. If you are going into Germany on the Dotmund road there is a long stretch from Holland into Germany without any petrol stops.
Petrol in Dunkerque (well diesel) - stevied
Cheers for that... any idea how far roughly it is to Antwerp?

Thanks for this, very useful info!
Petrol in Dunkerque (well diesel) - Brit_in_Germany
If your route takes you anywhere near Luxembourg, it's worth tanking up there. The petrol station on the motorway usually has a long queue but if you come off the motorway and fill up in one of the towns, prices are not only lower but the queues are not so bad.

Petrol in Dunkerque (well diesel) - Mike H
I can vouch for the Luxemburg prices- paid 1.03 euros per litre (round about 70p) back in February at a motorway service area.
Petrol in Dunkerque (well diesel) - Mystic
Fuel prices are fixed in Luxembourg so motorway prices are the same as in town.
(ok a few places do 0,01 EUR per litre discounts but thats it)

I don't really find queues much of an issue either - filled up on the autoroute on my commute in this morning with no waiting at all.

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