Humph - mss1tw
Why ask someone (me) to go and look at a car with you, if you ignore what I say?

£650 for a 3 door N reg Fiesta 1.25 with 98,000 on the clock, but with no oil in the sump or road tax and a rapidly decaying battery. Think it had the wrong coolant in it too.

Still, I got twenty quid out of it.

Very annoying though.

Rant over...
Humph - AngryJonny
Some people buy with their hearts, not their heads. Often, one aspect "LOOK, it's got a CEEDEE player!!" is enough to stop them seeing everything else that's wrong with it.

These people are useful when one has an old banger to dispose of. And an old CD player.
Humph - Sofa Spud
Years ago I nearly bought a tatty old Triumph GT6. The vendor, who I met in a car park, would only take cash and not a cheque. So I went home, intending to get the cash for the next day. That gave the head a chance to have a word in the ear of the heart. I phoned the guy to say I didn't want the car after all, a case of one time-waster talking to another, I suppose!

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