Renault Trafic Clutch Judder - Renault Trafic
There seems to be a problem with the clutches fitted to the Renault Trafic and other makes of the same van. Mine suffers from intermittent clutch judder when under load, ie on a slope or with weight in the back. It's taken 9 trips to the dealership for them to confirm there is a problem.
Problem is they can't be sure it's the clutch and Renault UK won't pay them a penny for taking it apart to have a look. My van has been off the road for probably 3 weeks over the times it has been in and it's been a right pain in the ****.
I've spoken to Renault UK and they told me I would have to be willing to pay the £600 bill if they open it up and don't find a problem covered by warranty. Something I'm not willing to do as I've already been stung £260 for a similar arrangement to do with a vibrating heater box.
I've been informed by someone in the know that if all the people with a renault trafic that has clutch judder call Renault UK customer services, Renault will agree to undertake the diagnostic work for free so they can get to the bottom of the problem and do a recall if need be.
So all of you with similar problem, please call Renault UK customer services on 0800 072 3372, option2 then option4. Report the judder and I'll keep you informed of progress.
I wouldn't bother going to a dealership to have it looked at as all you'll end up with is alot of time without a van. Also it appears that the dealers aren't reporting the problem to Renault UK so make sure you call them direct on the number above.
Renault Trafic Clutch Judder - Renault Trafic
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