honda accord 03 wiring lambda sensor - boobaala
recently bought a honda accord type s on a 52 plate (new shape) at auction, it had the malfunction light indicator on. after honda diagnosed the front lambda sensor and quoted me £350 to replace plus the £62.50 paid for the diagnoses, i got it replaced by my local guy.
the light was still on. i got in contact with a chap with all the computer wizardry he said the fault was the lambda sensor was not getting any power. both he and i are searching for how to power the lambda sensor on said vehicle or a wiring diagram.

can you please help as it is approaching hair pulling out stage

honda accord 03 wiring lambda sensor - Aprilia
There are two lambda sensors on these (pre-cat and post-cat) - have you got the correct one?

What was the exact fault code? There are codes for 'heater fault', 'heater resistance wrong', 'no activity', 'signal high', 'signal low' and possibly others. You need to know the exact nature of the fault before going further.

I don't have a wiring diagram. The lambda sensor will be connected directly to the ECU, possibly with a relay for the heater.
honda accord 03 wiring lambda sensor - P 2501
Sorry to hear of your problem. I had the exact same thing with my accord last year - this seems to be a not uncommon failure with these otherwise reliable cars.

I tried a couple of cheaper oxygen sensors from fuelparts uk but had the same problem as it seems you are having. The emissions were ok, but the light stayed on. In the end i gave up and bought a genuine denso sensor from a dealer. no more problems after that.

I can't offer you any advice unfortunately except to follow Aprilias advice - he knows his stuff.

Aprilia - I wonder why these cars in particular seem to have this weak point - Is it the engine type on the accords or Hondas in general, or do all petrol cars have this potential weak spot?
honda accord 03 wiring lambda sensor - Aprilia
It sounds to me like the OP used an OEM lambda sensor, but got it replaced by a local mechanic - have I got that right?

I just wondered if he'd replaced the correct sensor. It is also wise to get the actual fault code (i.e. the P number) rather than a vague 'faulty lambda sensor' description from the dealer. If you have the exact fault code you know which sensor and what you're looking for. If the car's come from an auction then it could have been 'played with' in the past and it would be wise to check for wiring faults etc.

It does seem that Accords of this vintage suffer from faulty lambda sensors. I have changed two. I used replacements from Fuel Parts and had no problems, but there are lots of variants so you need the P/N off the old one to get an exact equivalent - and of course some may have no aftermarket equivalent available.
honda accord 03 wiring lambda sensor - boobaala
its the pre-cat lambda sensor. the code is now saying no power to the lambda sensor. i did use a universal lambda sensor. could you just explain more on how to get power to the lambda sensor.
honda accord 03 wiring lambda sensor - Dave N
Universal ones don't work on the hondas. You'll have to get out your credit card and buy the proper one.
honda accord 03 wiring lambda sensor - Aprilia
Yes, a 'universal' one is no good. Either get the OE part from Honda or contact Fuel Parts to see if they can offer an exact equivalent (i.e. the same part, but in a different box and cheaper). Try to get the Honda part number or the number marked on the old sensor.
honda accord 03 wiring lambda sensor - boobaala
thanks for your help Aprilla back to main dealer i think
honda accord 03 wiring lambda sensor - Andy P
You can try this place - the Honda Accord Owners Club message board. It's through this that I got an MP3 adapter for my Type-S.


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