Car mechanic course - mss1tw
Can anyone recommend a car mechanics course? Preferably evening classes. I have e-amiled my local college (Brooklands) where I went when I left school, but i'm still waiting for a reply.
Car mechanic course - artful dodger {P}
Check you local Adult Education courses. They are probably your best bet for something local. The catalogues are coming out now and should be available from your local library.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
Car mechanic course - Dwight Van Driver
....also have a word with your Local Authority Adult Education Dept.

Many run night classes on this.


Car mechanic course - Dwight Van Driver
Snap AD

Great minds thing a like...

Car mechanic course - mss1tw
Good point!
Car mechanic course - NARU
Try bracknell and wokingham college - they've done various mechanical and bodywork courses in previous years. I plan to learn to weld there!
Car mechanic course - mss1tw
Thanks for the local-specific advice Marlot - I will have a look tomorrow.
Car mechanic course - autumnboy
You won't become a Mechanic by going on one of these type of courses.

As it takes a Qualified Mechanic/Technician some 3/5 years in college to Qualify. The best you'd do is to learn how to change a wheel or change a wiper blade.
Car mechanic course - Number_Cruncher
While I lived in Lancashire, my local college used to run an evening GCSE motor vehicle class which was an excellent introduction to motor vehicle work for complete beginners - it had a very useful combination of theory, practical work, and good straight advice from the lecturer who, like most people who teach motor vehicle, had spent plenty of time in workshops rather than being purely "book learnt".

I don't know if GCSE Motor Vehicle is still widely offered, but if it is, I recommend it.

Car mechanic course - mss1tw
Just to wrap things up...

autumnboy is right. Anyone else in my position, wanting to go beyond oil, filters, spark plugs, coolant changing etc...don't even waste your time looking.

Guildford college have tutors with the knowledge (Spoke to one directly) but there just isn't the demand.

DirectGov and Surrey Country Council are utterly useless unless you want to learn 'The Power of Positive Thinking' or 'Wall & Mantelpiece Arrangements - All Abilities'.

What a load of rubbish.

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