R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - GazKaz
Hi all

I have only gone and accidently dropped my mother in laws only set of keys for her R Reg Corsa down the drain today, doh. Now I know that the the key has the chip in for the immobiliser and I also know that the dealers will supply and program the new key for around £80. My main question is, can this key be replaced and re-programmed any cheaper?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - piston power
if its £80.00 i wouldn't think twice id get the key and and a bunch of flowers before she whacks you for been daft!!
R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - GazKaz
She wouldn't do that to me, she loves me too much!


R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - Dynamic Dave
If you've got the carpass card, it will have the key No on it. You *may* be able to order a key with the same coding, rather than having a new key coded to the existing imobiliser.

Thinking about it, you will need the carpass anyway for the security codes needed to marry up a new key to the imobiliser.

You could alternately give Timpsons a try.

R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - GazKaz
Hi Dynamic Dave

Yes, I do have the car pass card with the codes on it.

Do you think I will be able to order a new key with the same code as the old key, or will they have to re-programme the new key. If they can do this, it could only possibly cost me around £40 instead of £80.

I thought you were joking about Timpsons, but I've just had a peek at their web-site and they state they can duplicate the microchip transponder keys, but I wonder if they can do this if they have the info off the car pass card? Mmmmmm.

R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - jc2
Get a big magnet,a piece of rope and go fishing;I recovered a set of our keys from a drain with a garden rake.
R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - wemyss
Gaz, I suppose you do know that a road drain is just a trap like the one under your sink albeit a bit bigger.
You just need the grid lifted and you can retrieve them. The Council have a lift off their cleansing lorry and perhaps you could ask them or use a a couple of strong mates.
R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - John S
With the car pass you'll be able to get a ready cut key from Vauxhall, but it will still need coding to the car. The chips all have unique codes, and they can't supply a replacement chip that matches the original. In fact it's doubtfull if the chip codes are even known even to Vx. DD is right that you'll need the car pass as this contains the ECU code that the VX dealer uses to acces the ECU and programme the new key in.

£80 sounds a bit pricy - unless it has remote locking. A few years back a non-remote control key I bought, which had the little light in it, cost about £20 from Vx.

R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - GazKaz
Thanks for your replies

Good suggestion about the magnet. I could use an old speaker magnet, they can get quite big! It's just a time factor now, I'm back in work now. :-(

The car does not have central locking. Do you think this could make it cheaper? I can only ask.

Thanks again guys.
R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - John S
Yes, if it doesn't have central locking then it needs a plain key and £80 is too much. That sounds like the price for a key with central locking remote control in it. Check you're being offered the right item.

R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - Carrow
That will be correct if they are programming it as well, & supplying a new security pass, I worked at a vauxhall dealer & we always quoted worse possible scenario prices when someone had lost their keys. This wasn't to rip people off, but to prevent hidden surprises in the final bill.
R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - GazKaz

The father in law spent about an hour this morning trying to fish them out and eventually got them! Whooo!! I think he deserves a pint! :-)

He tried the speaker magnet trick, but that didn't work so he then tried to scoop them out somehow with some contraption he made and got them, but in the process dropped his glasses in!!! :-0 He did get them back as well, eventually, what a guy!

Thanks for all your replies, very much appreciated.

R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - Armitage Shanks {p}
You lost M in L's keys in a drain and F in L got them out for you, lost his glasses and got them out too. You are in debt to them both - big time! I am glad you got a result though, did the ketystill work OK?
R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - SjB {P}
Glad to hear you're sorted!

My employer dished out Plantronics M3000 headsets to all staff with company cell phones on the basis of good reviews, good battery life, and good previous experience with Plantronics products.

To that list they should also add robustness of design; my headset has now thrice been through full washing machine cycles, once at 40 deg C, once at 65 deg C and once at 70deg C; it continues to work perfectly (though I don't fancy dropping it down a drain and then putting it in my ear as an alternative little test!)
R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - SjB {P}
headset = earpiece to be more exact, for this Bluetooth device.
R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - GazKaz
Yup, the car started fine, once the keys had had a good wash tho ;-)

R Reg Corsa Ignition Key - Armitage Shanks {p}
Great that the key(s) worked - all well on the in-law front too I hope!

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