Locking wheel stud stuck - gasoil
How do you remove a locking wheel stud which has been over tightend? when I tried to remove it the unlocking device has sheared off.
Locking wheel stud stuck - bell boy
with difficulty can you post a picture?
Locking wheel stud stuck - Hamsafar
You can buy removal tools from professional tool places.
You could try a dealer or tyre place, they may have the tool in their workshop.
What design is it? There are many many types.
Locking wheel stud stuck - Bill Payer
Is there anything left that this sort of thing might be able to get some grip on:
Locking wheel stud stuck - martint123
When it happened to my brother we tried hammering a fractionally smaller old socket onto it. Didn't work, but a few seconds with a MIG welder with the wire going through the hole in the socket did the trick.
Locking wheel stud stuck - piston power
i get a socket and bray it on over the locking nut then crack it off they usually come off, failing that they can be drilled off, is it in a re-sess or a steel wheel were you can get to it with large mole grips??
Locking wheel stud stuck - gasoil
It is resessed and there is no room to hammer a socket on to it. I think it will be to deep to mig.
Locking wheel stud stuck - piston power
hammer a socket on with a small extension bar, or you can buy some extractors as mentioned ealier, or drill it off which takes ages!! id go for the socket and small extension you have nothing to lose give it a try!

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