transit van service - scfc_151
i have a mate who wants to service his transit van himself (01 plate, 2.5td) just wondered if theres any tips? is it straight forward and how much oil do they take etc

transit van service - bell boy
never done one but apparently are a complete pain to bleed through once the weasel filter is changed ,you say 2.5 i thought they were 2.0 litre or 2.4 on this year?
transit van service - cdl123
if you fill the new diesel filter to the top with fresh fuel you will have no problems, just start the engine and let it tick over for a minute or 2
transit van service - none
Some variants have a manual bleeder on the fuel filter head, others are bled by turning the ignition on and listening for a buzzing noise, when it stops, repeat three times, (it's in the drivers handbook). As has been said, filling the new filter with fuel is best. The fuel filter fits in one position only and the ford one has an arrow on it to help re-assembly. After market one's don't so make a note of the position of the three raised sections of the filter, visible when the filter is withdrawn.
The oil filter housing is removed with a 36mm socket, and the arm that unscrews it will be covered in oil up to the elbow, I use a long gauntlet sort of rubber glove, but a plastic bag will work as well. The refill amount is about 12 pints. Be prepared for a horrendous timing chain rattle until the oil pressure builds up. (some do, others don't).
A major cause of breakdowns on our fleet used to be water loss due to hoses chafing through. Check them all, specially the ones that seem to be 'resting' on something. If it's a Fwd van, the one that rests on the starter is favourite.
transit van service - none
Refill amount between 10 and 12 pints depending on engine. Check the dipstick after a gallon.

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