M40 J15/A46 improvement exibition - henry k
A £58m plan to solve traffic problems at one of the Midlands' busiest motorway junctions will be unveiled to the public later this month.


It will be a few years before the works are done.
M40 J15/A46 improvement exibition - The Gingerous One
Excellent news. I remember when, as a young lad just after passing my test, they were stil building the M40 there. Once it opened, the roundabout was appalling as there was no traffic lights and everyone used to hurtle round it at 50+mph (it was a great test for doing 0-60 in the 1.1L Allegro I owned then) . So they put the lights on, which made it vaguely possible to get out onto the roundabout.
I bet the Little Chefs have seen their business go up in the past 15 years or so since the M40 opened. The only time I've stopped off at them was because I'd been queuing for ages to get onto the M40.

Good news for everyone in the midlands who uses it, especially those people like my mate who drive from Stratford -> Cov each day for work.
M40 J15/A46 improvement exibition - Stargazer {P}
If you mean the Little Chefs on the A46 just north of the M40, I have a feeling that they were closed last time I passed.

M40 J15/A46 improvement exibition - mfarrow
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but plans for a by-pass here have been looked at and shelved for the best part of a decade. I can't see anything happening until at least 2010.

Mike Farrow

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