Buying tyres in Europe (Germany) - smokie
Are tyres much cheaper abroad, particularly Germany? I'm off to the Nurburgring next weekend and have at least 1 x 235/45 which is close to needing replacement. If they are significantly cheaper (like for like) in Germany then I may bring forward replacement of that and one other.
Buying tyres in Europe (Germany) - Roly93
I dont know about Germany but large tyres like this are certainly much more expensive in France than in UK, as I tried to buy a pair of 225/40/17's last year and gave up. I guess most French cars have casters rather than wheels !!
Buying tyres in Europe (Germany) - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
My impression is that there are fewer tyre depots in France and not much competition, unlike the UK.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
Buying tyres in Europe (Germany) - Xileno {P}
Friends of ours who live in France always get their tyres in the UK when they visit.
But when I visit them I get my car serviced there.
You can't win...
Buying tyres in Europe (Germany) - SjB {P}
Once a year or so I drive from the UK to the Czech Republic and last year purchased four new tyres whilst there (Goodyear Eagle GSD3 F1 225/45x17). The price was about the same as a cheap discount outlet in the UK (£400 fitted) but the advantages were the superb quality of service in a spotless workshop, smart stainless steel & chrome valve stems and caps included in the price, and pressurisation with bottled nitrogen instead of air (reducing the rate of pressure drop over time is the main road-user benefit). An excellent tyre and excellent job at an excellent price.

Before I travelled I used the web to research tyre prices in Germany and France at locations on our route and couldn't better what I'd get in the UK.
Buying tyres in Europe (Germany) - SjB {P}
I forgot the photos!

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