Can't hear any turbo "whistle" golf mk3 - sony
Never ever hear it and it does seem sluggish at times!
Should you always hear the turbo?? What could it be chaps?
Can't hear any turbo "whistle" golf mk3 - Screwloose

Well; we know it's a Golf MkIII. Nothing else...
Can't hear any turbo "whistle" golf mk3 - sony
Sorry P reg TDI 150k miles
Can't hear any turbo "whistle" golf mk3 - Screwloose

Could be a variety of things, but contaminated MAF sensors are the most common. At what "times" does it feel sluggish? Have you had any investigations carried out and, if so, what was found?
Can't hear any turbo "whistle" golf mk3 - sony
no investigation nope. Especially sluggish going up hills and coming out of junctions!
Can't hear any turbo "whistle" golf mk3 - JohnM{P}
I've driven a variety of VW and Audi TDi's (but not the MK3) and the turbo is is only faintly audible when cold and at low speed in 1st or 2nd gear.
Can't hear any turbo "whistle" golf mk3 - stuartl
I agree it sounds like the air flow sensor, I had one do this in our old astra dti. look on ebay if you need one, I got mine for 60 quid and five minutes to fit! Seems to be a common fault on most turbo diesels.
Can't hear any turbo "whistle" golf mk3 - Screwloose

Your fault desription is consistent with a failing MAF sensor. I would suggest that you only order one direct from a VW dealer; there are so many counterfeit and dubious units sloshing around at the moment, that you stand a good chance of causing more problems than you solve by buying one of those. Many of them are dearer than a VW [or Ford] sourced unit.
Can't hear any turbo "whistle" golf mk3 - stuartl
Just for the record the airflow meter I bought from ebay was an original item, identical to the one fitted, in GM wrapping and worked 100% : o )

Shame the next day the dohc engine wrecked itself with knackered camshafts : o (

Can't hear any turbo "whistle" golf mk3 - David Horn
Stuart, I think what you mean to say is "Never buy anything Isuzu". I've heard nothing but bad things about their cars and engines.
Can't hear any turbo "whistle" golf mk3 - stunorthants
I had an '94 Astra van with the GM LPT diesel in it and it was superb.
Can't hear any turbo "whistle" golf mk3 - Screwloose

It might have been a genuine GM MAF. They could have bought it at a dealer's and then sold it on e-bay for less than they paid.... if they were only selling the one.

Or was it a counterfeit one? They're visually identical; in identical packaging; with original cast-in numbers too. They sort-of work - for a short while... Consider where the e-bay sellers buy their stock? Are the manufacturers going to sell parts - in vast quantities - to someone who's in direct competition with their dealers? Consider also that the car parts counterfeiting "industry" is worth billions. Where do they sell them all...?

Sorry to hear that your engine died. Cam failures on those are usually due to low oil levels; some of those units drink the stuff - was yours one? [Never run-in new engines on synthetic oil Vauxhall - the bores glaze.]

Dunno what happened to Isuzu. Their '80's engines were fine. [I'm on my fifth Trooper - a V6 natch! I won't even work on a diesel one.] Then it all fell apart when they stretched the 2.8 TD to 3.1 and tried to get too much out of it, with too much clutter hung on it; [who actually needed an exhaust brake?] The blocks distorted on #1 and the heads just fell apart. The new 3.0 was even worse [dropped valve anyone?] and shows absolutely no sign of getting any better. Haven't seen any new ones for ages; have they stopped importing them?

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