BMW 318i SE - Uncle Buck

Worth a buy & if anyone has one, what options should I be thinking of getting to it?


BMW 318i SE - local yokel
BMW 318i SE - Uncle Buck
yes mate.
BMW 318i SE - catsdad
I suggest that you consider uprgraded seats. I assume the standard seats are similar to the previous model? I had one and I always found the thigh support poor and wished I'd specified the seat with the extendable squab.
BMW 318i SE - MichaelR
Buy a used 325i or 330i instead. Seriously, so much better.

4 pots don't belong in BMW's.
BMW 318i SE - Blue {P}
I'd agree with Michael, although I'm thinking that if you're after the 318 then running costs may be on your list of priorities, if so the 320D is pretty impressive and would make a sensible nearly-new buy, they also normally have a bit of kit on them if bought as an ex-demo.

When my dad was looking to spec one up his list included the Sports Seats, the colour sat nav, blue tooth prep and larger alloys. Don't know if any of that is important to you?

You gonna spend much time in the car?


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