Collect your car, Madam ? - hillman
I observed a car being 'Removed' last Saturday. It was parked on double yellows right in the middle of the Stockport shopping precinct. A national car pickup company had been contracted to collect it, and quite expertly too. Because of the restricted space the pickup vehicle had to make an approach about 15 to 20 degrees out of straight. The tow hook was attached to get the front wheels onto the incline ramp, and then alternately straight and offset to the opposite side of the ramp until it was fully on. The operator was cool and collected, never hurried, but worked quickly. A heavy with a radio was stood by. The car was in gear, handbrake on, steering locked, so it was a case of bounce forward and skid sideways. SWMBOI asked me whether I thought that the owner was a lady standing nearby and looking concerned. She looked it. She had probably been doing it for years and regarded rules as being for others. I wonder what it cost her.
Collect your car, Madam ? - bell boy
they should have used a hiab
Collect your car, Madam ? - martint123
Or a fork lift.
Collect your car, Madam ? - hillman
I watched a similar thing a number of years ago in central Manchester. There it was different. I think the car had overstayed a parking meter and there was no chance of bringing up a ramp vehicle. A lorry with Hiab drew up alongside. Operator No.1 slid a couple of frames under the front and back wheels while Operator No.2 manouvred a spread frame and hanging chains over the top. Operator No.1hooked the chains to the frames and hey, ho, it was on the lorry. No damage no drama.
Collect your car, Madam ? - Hugo {P}
Many years ago whilst driving Hertz courtesy buses at Heathrow Airport, I witnessed a police removal of a car. The car was being towed rear end up through an underpass near Terminal 1. The front wheels must have turned of their own accord and the car vered into the wall.

The Officers could hardly contain their laughter!

My job being what it was, involving driving a larger than normal vehicle around the airport complex, I had no sympathy in general with anyone that tried to evade the parking arrangements. IMO they had it coming.


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