Quotes for magazine needed - Jason Gibeau
Hello, I am writing an article about historic sportscar racing for an American magazine titled, The Magnolia. I would greatly appreciate anyone who would take the time to provide me a few quotes about the subject:

Possible questions:
1. What draws you to the sport of historic sportscar racing?

2. How long have you been a fan or participant?

3. Have you noticed any changes in the sport since you first became involved?

4. How are the fans of historic racing different from traditional racing fans?

5. Do you own a historic sportscar? If so what kind?

Please feel free to answer any of these questions or say anything else about the sport you feel like. If I can use a quote please give me YOUR NAME and the name of the CITY and COUNTRY where you live.

My deadline is Thursday afternoon this week 2/28/02, so nearly immediate response will be necessary.

Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to reading your comments about this very interesting sport.

Jason Gibeau - jwgibeau@hotmail.com
Atlanta, Georgia
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Ada Rival, sorry, Lada Riva - Don't even *think* about replying, for this country's sake!

Re: Quotes for magazine needed - Mark (Brazil)
Don't encourage Lava Raid, he'll do it just to annoy you - sorry, I meant Valid Raa.
Re: Quotes for magazine needed - Mark (Brazil)
On a serious note, if you are a Backroomer involved in such a thing and willing to give a quote, it could give the Backroom some publicity I would have thought.

Every little helps.

Re: Quotes for magazine needed - ian (cape town)
This was in our loacl paper - I love the quote...
Hopefully you can use it.

David Piper, who will this year celebrate 50 years as a professional racing driver, will be at Zwartkops Raceway on Saturday with 22 of the greatest Le Mans cars. Piper has partnered some of the world?s greatest racing drivers and has competed in all the great long-distance races around the globe.
He?ll be driving one of his Ferraris on Saturday.
Piper, a legend in SA for winning six of the great Nine Hour races, will drive the same Ferrari 250LM in which he raced at Le Mans in 1968 with Richard Attwood. This is the car in which he won the Le Mans Legends event in 2001.
Le Mans and Piper were synonymous in the 1960s but the period also holds a darker side of his life. While working with Steve McQueen in the making of the film Le Mans he had a serious accident in a Porsche 917 and lost a leg. This ended his professional racing career but did not stop him from racing for the hell of it.
After winning the Race of Legends at Le Mans last year his wife Liz ? who still accompanies him to all his races ? remarked as he stood on the victory podium: ?Not bad for a 70-year-old with one leg!?
Re: Quotes for magazine needed - David W

Do tell us more about The Magnolia.


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