Tank on a rope - Jonathan {p}

A tragedy.

Total folly towing a tank behind a toyota using only a tow rope!
Tank on a rope - mss1tw
Horrible accident, but you'd have thought a 'well read man' would know a little something about inertia.
Tank on a rope - Hamsafar
It's not a tank, that's just sloppy journalism, it's more of a jeep.
Tank on a rope - Pugugly {P}
Doesn't mae for as good a headline. I guess (reading the bio on the poor guy who died) he would have been a peeved to have his pride and joy thus described. Very sad story.....
Tank on a rope - bell boy
to put a different angle on this i "recover" or "transport " nobody these days with my stood idle for 11 months of the year car transporter........why? because everyone wants it done for a £10 and they honestly beleive they are doing "you " a favour..............a towrope? and they are nowi illegal anyway
sorry to hear of the mans death mind and all the familly left behind its really really tragic
Tank on a rope - Citroënian {P}
Sad story indeed. The Grane road is one I sometimes take over to the North West or back here - lovely drive but some deceiving gradients; signs everywhere warning of x casulaties in the past x years.

Lee -- There\'s no place like
Tank on a rope - trancer
More evidence of sloppy journalism is that there is no central reservation on Grane road for the "Tank" to crash into. Never could understand why there were so many fatalities on that road as I never found it particularly treacherous. There is one corner at the crest of a hill that you will not make if you are going at NSL, but none of the flowers and plaques are at that corner.

If I had to guess its due to the HGVs that creep along there and following drivers getting inpatient and overtaking when they shouldn't. HGVs are now banned from driving on it (when they bother to read the sign), but you still get people bimbling along at 30mph, though they are much easier to overtake.
Tank on a rope - daveyjp
Not quite as tragic, but I witnessed two fools trying to pull a Rover 800 up our 1 in 10 slope street using an L' reg Fiesta this weekend. The noise when the tow rope gave way was interesting and the smell of buring clutch is still in my nostrils!

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