Volvo D5 with Geartronic? - Nickdm
- Anyone got any experience of driving the Volvo V70/S60/V50 with the D5 engine and a Geartronic automatic gearbox?

I didn't think that diesel torque matched well with an auto box?

Is the D5 worth a lot more than the alternative 2.0D lump I can get in a V50?

Thanks, N.
Volvo D5 with Geartronic? - WipeOut
I had a Geartronic D5.

D5 is a good engine and Geartronic works okay, but it can be a little slow on take up from stationary, and occasionaly a little slow witted. Not a bad gearbox just not brilliant. I tow with D5 Geartonic and there is no lack of torque.

D5 in V50 would be very rapid.
Volvo D5 with Geartronic? - LeePower
My old boss has a 04 plate V70 with the D5 lump & geartronic box.

It was quick to drive in fully auto mode & even quicker in semi automatic mode.

Also used to get 39 ish mpg how ever hard it was thrashed.

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