Modern Diesels OK Mileage? - jammods
We all know that modern vehicles can well exceed the 100k car mark before any problems.

But if you were buying a 4-5 year old vehicle then whats the max mileage you would accept?

There are plenty of vehicles out there with 120-160k on the clock, which can be bought cheaply enough. But is an older car with lower mileage the best way to go?
Modern Diesels OK Mileage? - CJay{P}
I think this debate has been dealth comprehensively quite a few times in the past. Do a search.
Modern Diesels OK Mileage? - Downesi1
How rude, not a very nice way respond to a simple question.
Modern Diesels OK Mileage? - bell boy
are we having a rude night tonight then~? i though the answer the op was given was a good answer and not in the slightest bit rude,or has the definition of rude changed then?
Modern Diesels OK Mileage? - Avant
Sorry Jammods - 3 posts and no answer!

It depends on what sort of life the car has led - worth finding out if at all possible.

Very low mileage is tempting, and lots of people insist on it - but if the car has been driven to the shops every day and hardly ever been warmed up it'll have a lot of engine wear and be a heap of trouble. On the other hand someone who walks or cycles to work and only uses the car for long weekend trips is an ideal person to buy from.

High mileage cars can have an easy life cruising on motorways, as most of mine have ( I had 7 Renaults most of which did 100,000 miles or so and never used a drop of oil) - or they could have been caned to death by a rep.

You need a good long test drive and check for signs of engine / transmission wear - there should be some giveaway signs on the bodywork too.
Modern Diesels OK Mileage? - Cardew
On the other hand everyone seems to have a fixation with engine life.

My experience has been that nearly all my expenditure on repairs has been on items other the engine electrical, suspension, brakes, clutch etc.

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