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Punto 1.2 8 valve overheating? - wrangler_rover
I have a December 2001 1.2 8 valve punto, had from new, 69k miles, serviced every 12k miles.
During the past 2 weeks, the radiator cooling fan has stayed on for about 10 seconds after most journeys, even after a 1 mile trip to the shops (1 hour after a 12 mile run) I've checked the water level, it's between the min & max marks, no signs of water loss. This is the first time I've noticed the fan staying on in 4 years.
Is this normal or is it a sign of impending problems?
Punto 1.2 8 valve overheating? - robcars
1 Whats the weather been like recently?

2 Sounds like the fan switch may be playing up too though.
Punto 1.2 8 valve overheating? - DP
Just keep an eye on it - I suspect it's the weather.

The radiator fan on on our Mondeo diesel has been on this week for the first time since we've owned it.

Punto 1.2 8 valve overheating? - welderjames
No expert on Puntos,
but just posted a message about my girlfriends 1995 one,
everyone I have spoke to (in the pub I may add) keep saying that head gaskets go every 30k,
Just wondering if your one getting hot may be a sign?...w.j
Punto 1.2 8 valve overheating? - welderjames
Also was told to keep an eye on her one for the tell tale creamy gunk under oil cap and rad cap/bottle.......may be worth alook.? w.j
Punto 1.2 8 valve overheating? - local yokel
try asking on http://
Punto 1.2 8 valve overheating? - Punto_maint

what ever happened to your problem? How did you solve it?

After this sunny Easter weekend, our punto overheated (exactly same fanning after get out of car). However after seizing up on my wife and water flooding out (not sure if I tightened water cap fully after curiously opening it days before when I was searching for problem).

I do believe they are a poor car. The fan works but obviously when idling in traffic it doesnt kick in enough.
Anyway I will try to bleed rad properly later by opening top right twisty knob on rad.
I extensively drove it yesterday and it wont overheat. But it did the day before. And even when it was overheating the fan wouldnt kick in.
Punto 1.2 8 valve overheating? - injection doc
thermostats common, water pump impellers corroded away reducing circulation but I have had several radiators block in the lower passages as they are a x-flow rad preventing hot water circulating across the fan switch. this prevents fan coming on & due to the reduced rad efficency the engine overheats.
Try putting the heater on hot & full blow & see if the temp falls, if its significant it could indicate a poor rad. is the rad getting hot?
Punto 1.2 8 valve overheating? - wrangler_rover
The latest in the punto saga was.
In August 2006, my son took the punto on holiday to france, I checked all fluid levels before he set off on the 250 mile trip to Dover. 20 miles into France, there was a loud bang, steam from the engine & the car stopped, good job we took out European recovery. The car was recovered back to England, examined by a Fia dealer who inormed me that the inlet had melted, the engine was wrecked & it would cost £2600 to fit a recon engine.
I looked at doing it cheaper but with the cost of recovering the car 250 miles back home, sourcing an engine, getting the old one removed & the new one fitted, then the unknown of what damage had been done to the cooling system or the ecu, I decided to put it through an auction as a non runner and get rid.
It made £975. Some might say I lost a lot of money on it but in 4.1/2 years, I had taught 2 lads to drive in it, both lads had driven it hard and I felt I would be throwing good money at a heap of junk so I decided to let someone else have the problem.
I would never go near another fiat again.
I replaced the punto with a corsa, this car has a temperature gauge.

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