206 - Track control arm bushes ?? - autumnboy
Approx. 15mths ago I changed my wifes 2001 206 1.1ltr lower track control arm, because the bushes had split. Which would have failed the MOT.

They again need to be changed as I noticed they were split when renewing the Brake pads and the MOT is not due for another 6mths. They were supplied by a National Motor Factor. The originals were in a far worse state when it failed its first MOT, so the OEM's are no better.

The question I ask, would Poly bushes last any longer ??.

I swear these sleeping policemen ramps are causing these to fail so early, near where our Daughter lives.
206 - Track control arm bushes ?? - robcars
Dont know if poly bushes would last any longer. But i do know all 206's get through these.

Personally I change complete control arm, don't mess about with the bushes. depending on the driver they seem to last 1 - 3 years.

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