Woeful Suzuki Cusomer Service - stunorthants
My local Suzuki dealer took 4+ months to sort a very minor rust area on my new Suzuki Carry van - I took it in the first time and they noted it all down and said they will be in touch.
5 weeks later I popped in and enquired what was happening. They said they were waiting for an engineer to look at it.
They said they would be in touch in a few days...
4 weeks later I rang Suzuki head office and enquired if it was normal to wait 9 weeks to have a minor paintwork fault assessed.
They said it certainly wasnt and rang the dealer on my behalf. They said the engineer was in the area the following week and they would ring me in a few days...
Yet another four weeks later, I rang Suzuki again and enquired why they had told me the dealer will phone me in a few days and 4 weeks later still nothing.
I was then told that this matter will be sorted today without fail.
They rang the dealer again and it 'just so happened' that the engineer was in the area the next week and they then told the dealer to phone me after they had rung off, which they did and told me when to bring the van over.
Then finally another week later Im told that yes they would sort the paintwork and booked it in the following week.

Of course, they had no loan car so I had to loose two days of business just to add to delight at how they had handled it all.

You know what really annoyed me though? It was literally a small amount of corrosion on the two tow hooks and couldnt have been more than £50 worth of work at the very most. Atleast the quality of the work done was very good. For this I had to wait 15 weeks. I was right to be upset wasnt I?

As a result, I will not be lining the pockets of my very local dealer and instead, taking my van to a dealer some 15 miles away.

I really expected better of Suzuki as ive not heard of many customer services issues with them.
Woeful Suzuki Cusomer Service - bell boy
i undestand your feelings but arent these vans £5000 all up? i would have got the dulux out if it was mine and it was only the lash down brackets..............sorry......
Woeful Suzuki Cusomer Service - local yokel
I think I'd have worked out the cost to the business, compared it to the cost of the van's repair, and left it.

Seems like you won the arguement, but lost £sss doing so. That's not good for your business.
Woeful Suzuki Cusomer Service - stunorthants
Its a matter of principle - The van was £6500 ( £5000 pre VAT )and if you buy a car for that, you expect it to be right, no reason that a van should be any different. I have a 3 year warranty and ill claim for every little thing that isnt right, thats what its for and I have paid for it.
Saying that, mechaincally, it has done nearly 7000 miles and its been perfect and the salesman was as good as you could ever want, even lent me a car when he couldnt deliver the van on the day he promised, so perhaps I expected too much from the service department.

As it was, i managed to rebook the bookings for those days, but it was just lucky I had a slow week and I could do that, so I didnt loose any money, although had a job come in, I may have had to turn one down.

Woeful Suzuki Cusomer Service - SteVee
Yes, I think you had every right to be upset.
The only Suzuki products I've owned have been motorcycles - but I've learnt to stay away from their dealers and have heard many stories of poor customer care from other Suzuki bikers.
Occasionally I've heard very good stories about Suzuki after-care, but I would put this doen to the dealer working on the customer's behalf.

I hope this is the only time you need Suzuki's customer service.
Woeful Suzuki Cusomer Service - Roberson
Its always best to treat rust sooner as apposed to later, to stop it spreading or becoming worse/dangerous. Given the extent of the rust, it shouldn't have taken them so long to sort it. I would have expected them to do it on a 'while-you-wait' basis, so you are effectively only losing a half a days wages. But if I was told it was going to take 2 days, I?d have done it myself over a weekend or in the spare time after work, especially if the rust isn?t in a conspicuous place.
Woeful Suzuki Cusomer Service - stunorthants
If id known Suzuki were so awful at after-sales care, i would have spent the extra £500 and had the Daihatsu Extol. I bought a Hijet van off them a few years ago and they treated you like royalty from start to finish. Lovely family run business in the traditional style.
Woeful Suzuki Cusomer Service - tr7v8
Never had probs with Suzuki customer care, but our dealer is a family owned local one who go all out to help.
Woeful Suzuki Cusomer Service - Armitage Shanks {p}
I don't know if your screen name gives a clue as to where you are? If you aren't with the dealer in Melton Mowbray, already, you could give him a try. If you are then this won't help!
Woeful Suzuki Cusomer Service - stunorthants
I was using one in Northampton, but will now use one over at Kettering.
Woeful Suzuki Cusomer Service - local yokel
"It was a matter of principle"

Trouble is, principles don't pay bills. You've lost two days work for £50 worth of warranty work, plus the aggravation of having to re-book/schedule the work you had planned for those days.

You could have dropped it off at a body-work specialist atsa Sat morning job, and had it back by lunchtime.
Woeful Suzuki Cusomer Service - stunorthants
Well like I said, I didnt loose the days as I didnt have any bookings on those days after a reshuffle - I have very understanding customers, due funny enough, to well thought out CUSTOMER CARE - maybe I should do consultancy to my local dealer! I used to work in after sales!

So no real aggravation - one of the three customers I rebooked owns one of the dealership chains in the area so totally understood why I was having the work done and were nearly as outraged as I was about what had gone on. They had to have their rear axle replaced on their Range Rover at 25k and they made sure they got all the bells a whistles in terms of service - and told me to buy from them next time!

I tend to have a couple of days off during the week anyway so it wasnt a stretch, saturday morning is one of my permanantly booked slots, oh the joys of self-employment!
Oh and if it was going to put me out of pocket, I would have simply insisted it was fixed at another time, I was just annoyed they couldnt find me a loan car so I could atleast get around while they had my van.

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