Sony XR-6459 car radio wiring - nutter
A friend gave me her old car radio (sony XR-6459) when she got a fancy new one with a cd player.

I want to put it in my car, but am unsure of the wiring- I've got the speaker wires which are dark green/dark green black, white/white black, pink/pink black and grey/grey black (I may have got them a bit wrong- colour blind and struggling!!) I don't know which way round they all go.

Also there are the main power wires etc. I've got a red, blue, black and yellow.

I could probably figure out the speaker wires by trial and error, but is there anyone who could possibly give me some advice on the red, blue, black and yellow

Thanks v much!
Sony XR-6459 car radio wiring - bell boy
red normally constant live

blue..........pass?????????? aerial feed on switch on./off?

yellow usually switched live via ignition


no animals were hurt posting this and i fully take NO blame if radio goes up in a puff of smoke.
Sony XR-6459 car radio wiring - tr7v8
Looks like you've got the speaker wires, quick guess is the red is permanent live, black is ground, one of the others will be switched live & the other is aerial. I'd guess yellow is the aerial feed.
Sony XR-6459 car radio wiring - nutter
Thanks a lot for that.

Does this help any- the yellow wire bas a box attached which looks like it contains a small transformer or something.
Sony XR-6459 car radio wiring - bell boy
usually an inline choke that
i would go for this being the switched one on the ignition
Sony XR-6459 car radio wiring - dieselhead
presume if it's a sony it will have a din standard plug on it so it would be easiest to purchase a converter lead for your car. If not you can use a 9v battery to identify speaker wires then it's not too difficult to identify aerial power feed, ignition live, permanent live and ground wires.

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