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Washed and leathered the Civic over last night - hosepipe ban meant I used 1.5 buckets of water which was used on the garden after I finished. I noticed that the holding clip on the passenger wiper was broken so the blade was loose.

Came out this morning and reversing off the drive decided to try the wipers just to make sure passenger side was not going to break loose .

Reverse automatically activates the rear wash wipe which started and then shuddered to a halt at 90 degrees in the middle of rear screen. No movement so I thought probably looking at a new wiper motor £100 or so including fitting- I thought well I have had a good run , the first problem with the car in four years and that was not covered in warranty.

I decided to drop in to my local Honda dealer on the way to work and asked if somebody could have a quick look. Mechanic came out , very friendly ,I explained what had happened , he checked it over , squirted the rear washer and then proceeded to wipe the water over the rear screen with his hands , lifted the wiper , put it back on the screen and it worked. Basically it had what he termed as rubber shudder because the rubber could not slide easily over the newly cleaned curved screen.

He then just said , I'll sort that passenger wiper for you and disappeared for a couple of minutes I assumed to get a new blade which he fitted . I was taking a look at the new Civics while he was doing this.I reckoned on tenner or so for new blade and fitting.

I then said I'd better go and pay - he said 'no charge' with a smile . He had replaced the clip only and not stung me for a new blade which was not needed.

Thats what I call service from a Main Dealer .

So well done and thank you to SOUTHERN COUNTIES in Crawley.

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He'll probably get sacked for not charging customers now you've mentioned the place!
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I live equidistant from 3 main dealers for my car so I ring the changes when servicing is due. The first one overfilled the sump by nearly 1 litre, not good and really not good on a diesel. Another one told me the the failure of the complete passenger sun visor (fell out of its mounting) was not a warranty matter so I took it to one who agreed that it was. I just had another service done at one of the other dealers and was charged for screen wash which was neither put in the reservoir nor left in the car but I was a given a tin of travel sweets! They also said the main alternator/air con belt was cracked and needed changing. 2 yrs old, I have looked at it closely and the outside surface is like a black mirror - no cracks at all. Perhaps they were talking about the inner surface which I can't see. Motto would be find a dealerwho does a good job and stick with him. Still looking!

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