Holiday to Dover - johnny
What's the best way to get to Dover on time for a 4pm ferry, Saturday 22nd July. Coming from Southampton which would be two and half hours on a good day, I'm not expecting as easy ride.
Would the M2 and the M20 be equally bad as all the holiday traffic funnels into the port or can it cope with this sort of traffic.?
We're sailing Norfolk line - I assume all ships depart fom the same docks and join a communal queue.
If we play it safe and arrive early, what's a good way to pass a couple of hours in the vicinity? Any advice from experience is welcome - we've normally gone from Portsmouth or Poole which are dead easy.
Holiday to Dover - paulb {P}
You'd be all right coming along the coast as far as Brighton if the M3 and the bit of the M25 it joins were bad, but the coast road (A27 then A259) east of Brighton is *not* a quick way of getting along to Dover (I gave it a try once - not again). When we travel from Worthing we always go A23, M23, M25, M26, M20, A20 - there can be delays but by and large it's the quickest way, in our experience.
Holiday to Dover - Smileyman
Last time I drove Brighton - Margate via A259 etc it took over 3 hours .... it is not the cameras that are the problem, it is just that the roads are so painfully slow. Much quicker to go to M25 then down M20 / A20 and straight into Dover. But it is stupid really, if only the roads were decent ..... driving along the south coast is much shorter and ought to be quicker.

If you have time to use up in Dover try going to the castle, or perhaps Samphire Hoe - this is a accessed via a lay-bye on the Folkestone bound carriageway of the A20 just outside Dover. It is a sea front nature reserve made out of the spoil from the Channel Tunnel - named after a local butterfly (I believe).

I used Norfolk line in May for a day trip, they have new boats and go to the former Sally line berth a few miles south of Dunkerque. There is a large Auchan supermarket and retail park complex just off the Motorway a couple of junctions along towards Dunkerque. Makes a nice change from Calais, Cite Europe etc.
Holiday to Dover - barney100
I often go to Dover from Basingstoke for the booze cruise. If the S. coast road is dodgy traffic wise you would do well to allow plenty of time and go N. on the M3 and join M25 etc. Check the traffic situation know the one...when they stack lorries on the motorway near Dover. Have a good trip!
Holiday to Dover - stackman
If you're a couple of hours early try your luck getting on an earlier crossing. Most ferry companies don't mind you being early and if they have space will be happy to let you go on the next available boat.

Far better to spend the extra time in France.
Holiday to Dover - tack
Why not travel up late the night before and book into a nearby motel. You can get rooms for about £50 for two people. A good nights kip and more relaxed for the journey. I do it quite often when I go and I only live an hour or so away. It makes a lot of difference to how you feel in the morning. If going P&O, have a big brekkie in Langans on the boat. Expensive, but it starts the holiday off well

Try and find a nearby hotel/motel on: I swear by it

Alternatively, a late night crossing the night before and an even cheaper motel on the other side before the long drive.

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