Escort Diesel losing water - driller
Hi everyone,
I wonder if anyone here knows these engines?
I have a 1.8 non turbo diesel escort van with just over 110k on the clock s reg 1998.
In the last 6 months on 2 or 3 occasions, its boiled dry so I topped it up but couldn't see any evidence of where it was leaking and promptly stopped worrying about it.
However, yesterday it was a lot more drastic and the water is now pouring out. I've removed what looks like a plastic air intake/manifiold type assembly and can clearly see the water pumping out between the head ad the exhust manifold. Its rather difficult to see so I removed the exhaust manifold and I can see exactly where its coming from.
It looks very much like one of the 4 core plugs has corroded. These are very small...about 6 to 8 mm dia
Are these difficult to change?
Are they difficult to get hold of?
And is my diagnosis correct?
any tips/tricks gratefully received
Many thanks

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