TVR Chimera dimensions - richy
Anyone know how to find out the dimensions of a TVR Chimera? Been googling round for ages and had no luck.

Yes I'm trying to find out if one would fit in my garage, MR2's a tight fit but still usable with the mirrors folded in, garage doors are 202cm at their narrowest, rest of garage is 220cm ish (with carpet along the walls!).
Length should be ok, got 430cm to play with without even taking out the work bench.

Thanks for your help guys.
TVR Chimera dimensions - Group B
TVR Chimaera 5.0
Length: 4015mm Width: 1865mm Height: 1205mm

This is from this website, dont know where they get the figures from, I assume the original source is manufacturers data:

If you get one, can I come and have a go in it?!


TVR Chimera dimensions - richy
Thanks for your help, length should be fine.
width 1865mm

Do you reckon this includes the door mirrors or not?
TVR Chimera dimensions - Group B
Do you reckon this includes the door mirrors or not?

The owners manual for my car says width including door mirrors = 1963mm; the Carfolio site says width = 1711mm.
So I would assume the figure of 1865mm for the Chimaera does not include door mirrors? But to be sure you could go and look at one at a dealers and take a tape measure with you...

TVR Chimera dimensions - R75
I think you may have the same problem with opening the doors as I do with the Prelude, that being that they are long and as such need to open very wide to be able to get in and out - I would imagine that the MR2's are very much shorter and so give much more of a gap even when opened only a small amount. Either that or leave the top down and climb in and out that way!!!
TVR Chimera dimensions - Dipstick
If you don't get a definitive answer later today, I'll measure ours tonight if you like.

TVR Chimera dimensions - richy
Thanks Dipstick, just want to be absolutely sure it will fit before I start looking around and fall in love! I'm thinking of an early 4.0, at around £7-8000 they can't get much lower. Must be at classic money from now on.

Any additional know problems you'd like to add to the things to look out for?
TVR Chimera dimensions - Dipstick
Ours is a 98 4.5 and runs as sweet as anything. Gets used for commuting about three times a week, 16 miles each way, and a run of about 400 miles most weekends. Responds well to being used, not sitting about. If you find an early one with three miles on the clock you'd be better off with the same one with 50k on the clock because it will have been actually used. Ours now has about 60k on it, and had 40k when we bought it a year ago.

Loads of stuff on the net about what to look for! Quick checks include oil pressure and temperature - make sure they are sensible and stay so after a run. Infamous hot start problem - run it, turn it off, see if it restarts. If not, easy fix but a right pain if in the wilds. Have a look at if you haven't already.

Will probably be lumpy at 20-30 in whatever gear you try, some are better than others in that. That's just the way they are.

WILL let you down at some point - ours has two or three times. Failed within two miles of dealer on day one, fuel pump went. Also starter motor went (see hot start problem)., so make sure you are in a motoring organisation.

All that is sensible and a bit negative. Get a good one from a proper source - ours came from Offord (Cambridgeshire) and can't recommend them highly enough - and you won't have as much fun for the money in anything else. Stunning performance, but controllable, fantastic noise that makes you just want to go through that tunnel one more time, everyone looks at it. The car that just keeps giving. Love it to bits.

Should give low 20s mpg when driving rural, or even 80 on motorway. Down to about half a mile per gallon if going for sub five second nought to sixties, or three second 30 to 100s.

Oh, and from bitter experience, you can drive it at 70mph into the back of something else, destroy it completely and walk away with a seatbelt bruise. Don't recommend you try that one though.
TVR Chimera dimensions - Dipstick
Measured the car. Width is just about 1890mm, give or take error. Mirrors fold, but not by much - you gain a mere 500mm per side when you fold them.
TVR Chimera dimensions - richy
Dipstick, my greatest thanks for your help. Interesting about using them. Have already seen but had another read. Bit scary pictures about the chassis rot, I was thinking they had galvanised chassis?

I've always done all my own work on mine and friends and family's cars, how realistick is DIY maintenance on a Chimera? Most parts seem to be simple Rover and Ford bits so I'd be prepared to give it a go. Always got a cheap banger on the go aswell for the days it's off the road or does'nt start (or need more seats).

Call me sceptical but at current prices they seem almost too good to be true. Classic looks, supercar acceleration, cheap insurance, rust free body, soulfull engine and sound, and british made. I challenge anyone to find a better sports car for the money.
TVR Chimera dimensions - jc2
I tried to pick up a car with a large van many years ago and found it was too wide to go in.The dealer tried to take the **** out of me until I pointed out that in his advertizing the width was quoted twice,and both measurements were smaller than the opening in the van!!
TVR Chimera dimensions - Dipstick
Afraid we're not diyers, so wouldn't attempt to do more than shove fuel in frankly. (Which takes forever - don't be in a hurry!). Always had it serviced at the place we bought it and they charge very reasonable prices - £200-£300 - although it does need a service every 6k. A mate has one as well though, and he does a bit - yes, they are all pretty standard (and cheap) bit, so you can certainly do a fair bit yourself. Easy to access too.

When we were looking I had a hunt for chassis rot - of the four or five we looked at (all at dealers) only one had any slight evidence of that, so it's not hard to find a good 'un. But of course you are ALWAYS better off spending a bit extra on a better car than trying to put one right.

Having said all that, I admit we spent a bit more than you are thinking of on the two we bought, so I don't really know about what you get at that price point.


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