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The fuel consumption on my wife's diesel yaris has always been disappointing giving about 52 mpg urban or about 58mpg at 75mph on the motorway , much less than Toyota's promises or other owners experiences. It's a 3 years old, done 24k owned from new. My wife has decided to keep it till it drops so a better fuel consumption may save a few hundred pounds over the next 10 plus years with oil prices going one way only. I did ask Toyota to look into this when it was last serviced and they could find no fault. I don't have a lot of faith in main dealers. Can anybody recommend an outfit around the Esher, Surrey area who may be able to remedy this? .
Yaris Diesel - Sprice
Maybe its driven too gently all the time? Give it a good caning a couple of times a week!

Are you measuring mpg by doing brim to brim comparisons? It might yet loosen up, as 24k still relatively new. For what its worth, theres a thread in discussion about the Yaris D4D, and someone mentions up to 70 mpg (IIRC) on a run, but the 52 you get urban is still very good!
Yaris Diesel - johncyprus
Oh yes, it gets it's occaisional Italian tune up, and yes proper brim to brim calculations. My wife does drive it gently but also efficiently which should boost the mpg. Sorry should have written 52 semi urban ( it never gets driven in heavy traffic ). I would have thought at 24k the engine should have loosened up by now. i read the earlier thread about the Yaris D4D getting 70 mpg which prompted me to finally post this thread something I've been meaning to do for ages!

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