Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - Perfection
We had another look today at yet another Diesel. But this time its a Yaris not a Polo. The car drives extremely well, much smotther than the Polo 1.4 TDI. Maybe it's a 4 cylinder engine.

However, the Yaris has 50k miles on the clock for a 54 plate. My question is... do we need to change the timing belt or is it a chain type?

Is it value for money if the sticker price is at £6600? I had a look at Parkers and most sells above £6500 for 53 plate with around 30k - 40k miles.

Do anyone of you think the car is overkilled considering the car is only 2 yrs old and have covered 50k miles. WHat sort of mileage can this engine achieve?? We have seen Polo 1.4 TDI achieved in excess of 100k miles.

Does anyone knows who made these D-4D engien, is it a Toyota or a Citreon/Peugeot design?

I must say that when we test driven it today - we didn't see any mechincal problem. The only thing we noticed were the clutch squeeks a little when depressed. The garage is a main dealer (not Toyota though), I have asked to see the service history book and the salesman say he needs to track it down, because the car was purchased from another dealer?? Basically I ahve told him that I only part my money of I see the service book. This is because that we have our finger burnt following last weeks event if those people remember about the post I put out for a Polo Karmann Ghia.

Thanks for any feedback.

Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - blue_haddock
I'm not 100% sure but i think it's a belt on the D4D - it is on the bigger engiens anyway. It's a toyota design and if the 2.0 D4D as fitted to the avensis is anything to go by it can easily achieve big miles even when done taxi'ing. Belt change would be at 60k.

The D4D Yaris are well sought after and although the mileage is a little high i have little doubt that it will not do a further 100k with little problem. Due to the scarcity of these vehicles the price is kept pretty high although it looks better value than that 4 year old polo you were looking at.

And if there are any gaps in the service history i know a many who can sort that out ;)
Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - Martin Wall
Well assuming it's been serviced at the correct times there should be about 18 months/10,000 miles Toyota warranty left I think - although can buy a Toyota warranty extension.

HJ review at:

There's a new model Yaris out just now so values of the old model should be falling. As to whether that's a good price depends upon the condition, service history and specification level.

Maybe you could find out which Toyota dealer did the servicing, phone their service department, give them the registration number and ask them about the service history - mention you are thinking of buying the car.

Also if you do wish to buy the car make sure it's been HPI checked - ask to see proof - to make sure it's not an accident write-off or has finance owing.

The new model Yaris road test from HJ:

Btw - can get a new model Yaris 1.0 3dr from for £7337

Also take a look at:, and the car brokers who advertise on this site and the 'best deals' link in the new items

Take your time and find yourself a deal that you are happy with. Personally I would be happier buying a new car - even if it was a lower specification/engine size just for peace of mind. Good luck!
Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - Martin Wall
I meant to add - also see: for prices - e.g they will do you a new model Fiat Panda diesel for £6023 - there are lots of other sites as well. HJ test of Panda diesel at:

Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - dylan
Engine is chain-cam. From CBCB:

"New Japanese built 74bhp, 125lb ft torque chain-cam 1,364cc D4-D diesel from March 2002 offers 12.6 seconds 0-60, 106mph top speed, 67.3mpg combined economy and 113g/km CO2 output for prices from £8,395 in S trim with PAS. Engine is quiet, smooth with linear power delivery."
Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - johncyprus
Seems a lot of money for a car with that sort of mileage. Should your circumstances change and you need to sell it you may have problems selling it with that sort of milegae , diesel or not. My wife has a Yaris diesel and overall it's been a slightly dissappointing package. We've never had such a characterless car before, it makes my much lamented Nissan Micra seem quite extrovert in comparison! In spite of careful driving we get nothing like the claimed 67mpg ,more like 55mpg, not great to drive either with excessive body roll.
Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - madf
I have just bought a 5 door 2004 03 reg TSpirit D4D Yaris with 27k miles and full Toyota Sh for £6500.

You did not say which model and how many doors.

If not a top of range TSpirit and 5 doors £6k sounds a little expensive. (you get aircon as std ).

I'd run a mile if no Toyota FSH : and if the book is not with the car assume none as dealers KNOW how essential they are.

55mpg is what I get around town.. 65-70 on long journeys.. as per the official stats.. Urban use is bound to be lower (officially around 55mpg!)

Clutch squeak? I'd run a mile. VERY annoying.

Handling is nowhere near as good as my Mark5 1.6 fFesta but it's acceptable. We needed a replacement cos my wife found getting out of the Fiesta with low seats VERY difficult. The wide doors and high seats make the Yaris ideal and much more comfortable for her. It's also less jarring over speed humps: a major consideration.

I like it. Less fun driving but more comfortable. As far as build quality is concerned, mine is Japn built (see front windscreen outside ahead of driver). Makes Fiesta build quality appear what it was: shoddy.

Very quiet to drive, easy to park, comfortable at speed. But whizzing round corners is not its forte altho' it does corner well but hard cornering = roll so I don't.

Horses for courses imo.

Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - blue_haddock
Just remember it's not designed to be full of charecter - if you want that by a fiat or a renault! and it's not designed to be pushed to the limit all the time - it's designed pretty much for the blue rinse brigade.

I had one for a brief while and it was mainly used on a 70 mile round trip commute and it didn't get above 60mpg but i did drive it hard and it was brand new out of the box.

The job it's designed to do it does very well - safe, sensible, reliable transport from A to B.
Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - Cardew
You haven't said what model it is T2/T3/T Spirit or 3 or 5 door. I think it is a lot of money for a high mileage car

As suggested above, I would consider a new Yaris 1.0 for a few hundred pounds more. My daughter has the last of the old model(55 reg) and can easily get 50 mpg. Sweet engine but not much poke!

Other daughter has a Polo 1.4TDI and I don't like the engine at all - its the roughest diesel I've encountered.

You will need to do a huge mileage to make the extra cost of a diesel worth while. Although this is a subject that has been discussed many times.
Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - Perfection
Thew model is a 3 dorr T-Spirit. However, we haven't made our mind yet, we still have to look at two more used Polo's. If the the Yaris haven't got any or incomplete service history then yes we will run miles away.

Cheers for the info. We're doing about 17k miles a year.
Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - madf
Price is ok then for spec and miles. After 3 years it will have done 100k miles (a few on Autotrader with over 100k miles so can take it easily).

I find the diesel yaris much more relaxing to drive than petrol .. less revs and more torque in traffic.
And £50 Road Fund Licence.

Don't know what Polo is like.. I drove one 3 years ago and found it worse than Yaris for cornering roll and less comfortable but each to their own.

Keep uis informed of your final decision...good luck.
Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - Perfection
We had a phone call from the garage who tried to track down the service history book. He said he managed to track down it has been serviced at 10k & 20k miles at a Toyota dealer,.

The bottom line is that the service history book is lost. The garage said they will find a replacement service book and ask the Toyota dealer to stamp it. But we're not comfortable with the missing 30k and 40k miles service history (to be tracked by the garage) and also that are they possible to get a replacement service book? WIll it be a Toyota original service book ?

I think we should run away, what do you guys think?? Are we over reacting again?? Remember our fingers have been burnt before on the Polo Karmann Ghia thread. So we're still on the cautious side.

We might phone up a Toyota Dealer to see if its possible or normal practice to get replacement service book.
Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - mss1tw
It's hardly a rare car, why not just wait until a perfect one comes along?
Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - Martin Wall
Why not take a look at: and do a used car search for an approved used Yaris diesel? The prices quoted are what the dealer is looking to get for the car - not what you'll end up paying!
Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - madf
I spent 9 months finding my Yaris: I was determined to buy around £6500 and saw a variety - some immaculate but overpriced, some grubby and overpriced and some not serviced and overpriced.

The T Spirit diesel was top of the range as far as price went (altho discounted heavily at runout) so finding a good one at the right price was difficult.

No service book? Ask for a £750 discount and buy a decent warranty Better ask a Toyota mechanic to inspect it first.

Things I checked...

You can easily check how well it has been looked after imo. The pollen filter lives behind the glove box. Remove box by opening as far a spossible and then push the two vertical sides together. The catches which hold the box in disengage and the box pulls out. The filter is obvious Slide it out and look.

Ditto the air filter. Pop the catches and look at it.

If both filthy then neglect.
Is the engine oil very black? Is the oil filter covered with dirt and looks as if has never moved?

To drain the oil and change the filter requires two pop open plastic hatches in the engine undertray to be opened. (driver side for drain plug, mid front for filter. A quick peer underneath may show mud-- suggesting no change.

Is the intercooler radiator on top of the engine showing signs of fins flattened through hamfisted action?

Is there rust under the rear wheel arches in the springs and rear suspension arms?

Basic nelect is obvious. Too many things can go wrong if oil has not been changed: turbo bearings may be on way out.. does the turbo whistle under accleration in 3rd or 4th? (less engine noise so easier to hear).

Oh and watch out for either a very dirty engine bay = neglect or a perfectly clean one with lots of corroded metal fasteneres/pipes etc.= steamcleaned neglect)

Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - Perfection
Just been back from test driving a Polo TDI (53 plate with 30k miles). The driver seat was heavily soiled !

We weren't convinced the miles on the clock was genuine so we walked away. However, when we test driven it - the engine was noisey and rough, nothing like a Yaris.

The only criteria we have for the little diesel car is to have an Air Conditioning. For a Yaris, its only the T-Spirit and above . I think there may be some special edition that may have it too.

WIll have alook at the Toyota used car web site ...........
Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - madf
Toyota site has a very nice search facility with email alerts.
Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - Aswan
My concern would be that you have no way of knowing how those 50,000 miles have been driven.
This with particular regard to clutch and gearbox.
It also seems suspicious that a service record is not with the car as with that price and young age its essential for the car. ( and dealers know it) Have they bought it from auction?
There are a lot of questions, and IMHO £6,500 is a very significant amount towards a new small car which will have a full warranty and the peace of mind that only you have been driving it.
With the old model Punto still in production for example at £5,650 OK its petrol, but I bet you could get a good deal on the 1.3 chaincam multijet ( engine of the year in its class in 2005 )and seemingly judged as better than the Toyota engine.
I bought the multijet small van version for £7,400 Its great, returning up to 74MPG and I bet you could negotiate a new car version of the MK 2.5 multijet Punto to less than that, now that the new model is out.
I hope you get something sorted, but that price, mileage and not buying from a Toyota dealer with a stamped up book would have me worried.
Some Yaris only seem to have a 6 yr corrosion warranty too, to Fiats 8 years although it seems the warranty is up tp 12 yrs for later models.
Good luck this time anyway !

Toyota Yaris D-4D 1.4 - blue_haddock
You may be able to get a new yaris 1.0 for similar money to a used diesel but i'd rather have the older better spec car with the diesel engine. The small 1.0 unit is very revvy and can be tiresome on long journeys plus when it's worked hard the fuel economy really suffers.

It's not hard for a main dealer to source a replacement service book - in fact i could do exactly that with one quick phone call, it could also have as much of a service history as you like from a main dealer.

As with the previous polo you appear to have reservations about this particular car, it has done quite high mileage for a newish small car so i doubt it's been anything like a hire car but you have little way of knowing unless you contact the previous owner .

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