How much Audi a3 1.9se at auction - BobL
I`m in the market for an Audi A3 1.9 SE, 130 5 door 52 plate, 80k ish on the clock. I`m looking at auction, probably an ex lease car and wondered if any one visiting auctions regularly on this site has an idea of approx how much they go for (obviously there are variable factors). I have looked at glasses guide (adjacent) but their values, only really list trade-in, private sale and retail. The idea of getting an auction buyer to get me the car appeals but I never received return email after contacting Joe at AuctionCarBuyer website
How much Audi a3 1.9se at auction - mss1tw
I have looked at glasses guide (adjacent)

What a crock! "Sorry, we couldn't value your vehicle."

Yeah, rare unique cars these 306's...
How much Audi a3 1.9se at auction - PW
Hi Bob, you may be better off giving Joe a call to chat to him. Have heard that A3s aren't that much of a bargain at auction, especially diesels but could be worth checking. What sort of budget were you thinking of?
How much Audi a3 1.9se at auction - BobL
Joe got back to me this afternoon with the required info. The budget I had in mind (6k) would definately not stretch to what I had in mind but its not too far away and I am now considering it. On the face of it the service he offers seems reasonable espcially if you cannot afford the time to keep going to auctions
How much Audi a3 1.9se at auction - PW
Is not just the time factor, Joe has an uncanny knack of spotting a wrong 'un quickly- so for me is now the safest option for buying a car. Bear in mind that you will need to do a fair amount of research yourself in the evenings. This will mean looking through auctionview and choosing the cars you want Joe to bid on, My own technique was to make an initial list, then go back and short list this to 2-3 tops to allow Joe enough time to evaluate the cars properly.

What brought this home to me was when I went to pick up the Picasso. Standing outside Blackbushe was a Scenic I had been very keen on. Joe had steered me clear as said paintwork was bad. Sure enough, although the car looked OK initially, looking closer could see where the paint had been damaged from bird droppings.

Another thing to point out is that wherever possible Joe will fight your corner to get the best price possible (which he did for me brilliantly when I bought the Mondeo).

Hope this helps.

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