A30 Whiddon Down - mscott
I'm driving to Cornwall next Saturday. I know that there are lane closures on the A30 at Whiddon Down near Okehampton. Can anyone tell me how much effect they're having on traffic and whether I should avoid them? Thanks.
A30 Whiddon Down - mss1tw
Also if they'll be done by 2nd September.

No prizes for guessing where I'm going, and when!
A30 Whiddon Down - cheddar
I went down there on Friday 16th and back on Sunday 18th, very slow traffic for a few miles each way though moving so a delay of only perhaps 5 mins e/w. However unless they open an extra lane it will get a lot worse when the scholl hols start.
A30 Whiddon Down - Armitage Shanks {p}
This site gives official information on all long term roadworks but SFAIK does not give info on delays due to crashes and incidents.

A30 Whiddon Down - David Horn
I haven't been on the A30 at Whiddon Down for quite some time, so I'm not sure where they are (I live about 10 miles away). Are they between Whiddon Down and Okehampton?

Heard tell of 7 mile tailbacks there the other day. Time it right and you should be fine though, and you could probably come off at Whiddon Down and find a way past down the lanes.
A30 Whiddon Down - Christopher
I travel on that stretch of road every day to work in Exeter. Avoid this stretch of road on a Saturday at all cost, you will be in a massive queue from the direction you are coming from and will be subjected to morons wanting to jump the queue.
I would go part way down the A30 and come off at the Cheriton Bishop Junction, the junction before the road works and take the back roads. Take a left when you come off the slip road. Follow the road all the way to the roundabout which they are working on and traffic lights are still in place, much quicker thatn going all the way down.
Good luck.
A30 Whiddon Down - Christopher
Thanks Christopher for your helpful views...not a problem MSCOTT, anytime
A30 Whiddon Down - mscott
The last word of my post was "Thanks"!

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