2001 - cambelt change - SarahB
I have just bought a 5-year-old Y reg Ford Ka with Endura-E engine which has only done 7,500 miles (and has documents to prove it). My owner's manual says the cambelt should be changed every 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever is sooner. Do I really need to change the cambelt now given the car's very low mileage, or when should I be looking to do it?

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Ford Ka cambelt change - SarahB
On second thoughts, does the Endura E even have a cambelt?
Ford Ka cambelt change - bell boy
dont worry its a chain on these endura"s
Ford Ka cambelt change - pmh
IIRC you need to worry more about the sparking plugs on this engine.

pmh (was peter)

Ford Ka cambelt change - ChicksFan
If the car is so low mileage it could be that servicing has been few and far between. pmh is right about the spark plugs, if they are the originals and have never been out of the head then be extremely careful when you remove them. Have been known to snap off, then you have a real problem.

Also, cam chains are good but last longest when oil is changed regularly. If it still has the original oil in the engine, or it has been in for 12 months or more, I would give it an oil and filter change now.
Ford Ka cambelt change - jc2
Take or have your plugs taken out and have the threads copper-greased-or fit new plugs with plated threads(NGK or Champion)-I'd use grease on these as well just as overkill.
KA spark plug change - mofire
Yeah, I tried to remove the original spark plugs & 'snap' the first one broke off. Unfortunately the car was at my work & on telling my recovery what I'd done they refused to recover me. If I had just said that I'd broken down they would have attended & recovered me to a garage. If you do decide to remove the spark plugs yourself then apply lots of penetrating spray & get the engine hot.
Ford Ka cambelt change - SarahB
Thanks for your advice guys!
Ford Ka cambelt change - bell boy
hi dont use champion
Ford Ka cambelt change - LeePower
Bosch or NGK plus every time in one of these engines.

Only fit Champions if you want running problems & misfires.
Ford Ka cambelt change - jc2
The new Champion range hasn't given me any problems.
Ford Ka cambelt change - trymybest
Ford plugs are now plated.
Ford Ka cambelt change - 659FBE
Better late than never.