jap cars in new zealand - hcm
on monday i move to NZ with my wife and 2 kids. I need to buy a good sized 2nd hand estate/MPV. During my last trip saw loads of very reasonable examples of the following:

toyota camry
subaru legacy
toyota avensis
honda CRV

HJ's camry summary looked pretty good - very little wrong with it.

any thoughts?
jap cars in new zealand - wotspur
Regarding the cars, No!!
Always fancied a Suburu,but Toyota's and Honda's well reliable, so you can't really make a mistake, but I thought they only drove tractors out there.
jap cars in new zealand - type's'
The Toyota brand is very highly rated in Oz and NZ - especially 4x4's.
I did read an article about Company branding and what it means to people - and it pointed out that Toyotas were considered so relaible that on one of the main outback roads/tracks there is a sign posted by the local highways authority stating that vehicles should not use the road - other than Toyota Landcruisers.

I have to say that when I compare SWMBO's Corolla to my Accord - Honda are streets ahead in terms of reliability/quality - so if it was my choice it would be the CRV.
jap cars in new zealand - MGspannerman
I have spent some time in NZ and visit there regularly. You will find no shortage of japanese vehicles to choose from, NZ and Aus are a major destination for the types of vehicles that dont quite make the grade for the UK market. There are even dealers over there who will offer a warranty on imports from Japan. You will find no shortage of good cars to choose from. There are few motorways and dual carriageways outside of the main areas of population and some roads can be pretty steep and twisting, this canes fuel economy particularly for cars with auto boxes. Air conditioning is very desirable particularly the further north you go. If you want to rent for week or two before making a decision I can recommend Apex car rentals. You can book on the net from here, pick up at the airport and drop off in the city for no extra charge. A week cost me £120 in April for a small/medium Nissan 1.4 auto. Travel by road is not that quick and in city areas in rush hour it can be a nightmare. For example, Auckland is a disaster with very limited and expensive city centre parking. But there are plenty of upsides, and the Central Otago pinot gris wines are drinking very well this year! I wish you and your family every happiness and success in that wonderful country, you have made the right decision.

Good luck to you, MGs
jap cars in new zealand - Aprilia
They have every Jap car known to man or beast down there. Seem good at fixing them too (NZ'ers are very handy at repairing stuff). You wouldn't go far wrong with any of the popular Jap cars - Maxima, Camry, Accord, Legacy. Just remember that Nissan parts tends to be the cheapest - NZ dollar is not strong, so this could be a factor.
jap cars in new zealand - chairmanmatt
I can't really comment on NZ, but I've not long returned to the U.K after living in New South Wales for a couple of years. Generally Toyota have a very good reputation and have a good resale value also. I know NZ has cheaper cars because there is an import agreement between Japan and themselves, so you can find some really cheap quality Japenese cars. My mate who lived on the south Island said you could get a reasonably new car for about $4500 (Aus).
jap cars in new zealand - bod1970
I moved to NZ from the UK about 8 years ago. Don't limit yourself to a Jap import. Plenty of European cars are imported from Japan & Singapore. For any car imported into NZ i.e. not NZ new I would suggest a warranty (warrantydirect.co.nz) this applies to both European & Jap imports.

Subaru are VERY popular in NZ. The 4WD can be a real bonus on gravel or snow covered roads.

The current Camry is not available as an Estate, that is why NZ gets the Avensis wagon only.

If you have not done a little 'window-shopping' suggest you try Trademe.co.nz, NZ equivalent of eBay.

Hope you enjoy NZ
jap cars in new zealand - hcm
thanks for all you advice and suggestions.
jap cars in new zealand - Pugugly {P}
Trademe.co.nz wow what a site ! check out all them old Austin Maxis and that I'm emigrating now.
jap cars in new zealand - mare
You're not kidding PU, fascinating site. Look, you can have a 4x4 Almera:


Limited market, I accept....
jap cars in new zealand - Pugugly {P}
And,wow, a Fock Wulf 190 replica - you never get that on E-bay !
jap cars in new zealand - Xileno {P}
Some of my family are in Auckland. Nice old MG's are available, they have two in perfect condition and a Mini 1275 GT. Cars don't seem to rust so badly.
jap cars in new zealand - Honestjohn
Chck out this website: www.dogandlemon.com

Useful for info on used Jap imports to the UK, too.


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