New Tyre Time Again.... - Slightlyfatdirector
It seems like not many months ago I came on here asking for advice about choosing some grippy day-to-day tyres for my Volvo S60. I settled on Goodyear Eagles to replace the Pirelli P6000's I have had both on the Volvo and my previous Mondeo estate.

Well, the Goodyears were certainly very grippy - much much better than the P6000's which was what I wanted. But after 10,000 miles they are knackered and on the legal limit.

Compared to 25,000 I got on the P6000's this looks dreadful.

I have always prefered traction to wear as I feel that if I am less likely to loose control of the car (or it's place on the road) for the sake of a few quid replacing tyres sooner, then that seems obviously sensible.

But having to replace them after such short mileage makes me look like I must drive like a lunatic to our finance director and I am looking for a compromise.

I have read a few times in the Honest John section of the newspaper that Michelin Primacy are good and have the added advantage of being quiet.

Did I read this correctly? I am sure there was a question in the paper about this in the past month or so. Normally I clip out articles like this, but I had not expected to have to buy new tyres so soon so did not think about it this time!!!

The size is 205/55 ZR16 if that makes any difference.

Your help is appreciated!

New Tyre Time Again.... - Hamsafar
Pirelli P7s I'd say, I have used these for a few years since their release after a few years of the excellent Goodyear F1s.
The grip of the P7s is close enough to make the much longer lifespan worthwhile. I also found the P7s much better in mud and snow, the F1s were useless.
New Tyre Time Again.... - Falkirk Bairn
Michelin for added miles - more expensive than some / most but miles better.

Costco for the keenest prices (usually)
New Tyre Time Again.... - Peter D
The trouble with nice grippy tyres you do re-map the performance of the cars handling and drive that bit harder as the car is quite stable with the grippy tyres on. That wears them more but 10K is a bit steep. Beware that when you change back the car might kick you so take it easy for a while. Regards Peter
New Tyre Time Again.... - Slightlyfatdirector
Good point Peter. It does have traction and stability control but I am not certain that they kick in immediately enough (on a country lane for example) to help keep me safe - if I hit a patch of diesel or slippery road for example.

The car is diesel and has a lot of grunt and I expect it is the high torque that doesn't help things as I tend to accelerate to cruising speed quite quickly.

I put 30% of the problem down to my driving style.

With the P6000's though I never felt as confident as I have with the Goodyears.

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