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Some straight advice please. Our 99V Passat TDi 110 is approaching 60k and I want to know whether the cambelt needs replacing at that point or whether we have any leeway.

Having had a 1.8 20V in the past I know how crucial the cambelt cycle can be on Passats, so can someone tell me the scheduled replacement and whether it's an absolute must on the dot.

Passat TDi 110 cambelt - jc2
Passat TDi 110 cambelt - BB
Get it done asap.
IIRC, Cambelt change for a Tdi Passat is a front end off job and will cost you around £350-£400 from VW.
Passat TDi 110 cambelt - GregSwain
For that engine it's a 60k or 6 year interval I think, but obviously there's some leeway depending on the way the car's been driven etc etc. I've known people with a Citroen Xantia TD (72k interval) to leave it till 80k, but it's a risk!

Technically your belt change is already overdue because the car's approaching 7 years old. If I were you I'd ring a few decent independant places for quotes and get it done ASAP.
Passat TDi 110 cambelt - Collos25
VAG lowered the mileage on Passats for cam belt change check with a VAG agent but in Germany its 60,000km

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