volvo s60 D5 - gasoil
Are volvo D5's any good?
volvo s60 D5 - Xileno {P}
At what?
volvo s60 D5 - LeePower
My old boss had a V70 D5 on a 04 plate.

Being a company car lots of us got to drive it running about, It was very quick for a diesel too, Even driving it hard we always got at least 33 mpg out of it ( with an auto box too )

volvo s60 D5 - Pugugly {P}
I wouldn't have let anyone lose in my company car, he must be a good boss !

I know someone who has one, been faultless for the two years he's had it (around 30k). I have never had a desire for a Volvo but I must admit to being drawn to this one, classy motor, nice interior and above all it's a Ford (none the worse for that). Nice motor very smooth diesels.
volvo s60 D5 - Slightlyfatdirector
I have one and have had it for a year and 35k miles. Faultless with a cracking engine. Loads of grunt and an average 45-47mpg (including some hard driving).

Did from East Sussex to the Highlands of Scotland at 49.9mpg with mix of fast motorway and challenging twisty bits.

The ride is a bit hard but the seats are comfy and the equipment list is very good indeed. I have the 'basic' 'S' version but have climate control, CD, DSTC, Alloys etc.

Depreciate a bit quickly but better deals available from new than you would get with a BM or Merc.

What aspects are you interested in? Is it a new one or older version?
volvo s60 D5 - gasoil
it is a 2002 that I am trying to purchase? just wanted to know about any problems etc?
volvo s60 D5 - Paul Robinson
From the Car-by-Car Breakdown (see menu top left)

'Injector failure on pre-2003 D5s is becoming quite common. Cost £1,500 to replace'.
volvo s60 D5 - Slightlyfatdirector
Have heard of this but not from anyone who has one. The car in general is a cracker and at that age will be a bargain I expect.

Is it an S or SE? The S is well specced for that year with Cruise and traction control (not stability control as well). The SE has everything you could ask for and a superb stereo.

Best of all is it doesn't look dated like a similar premium saloon, stands out from the crowd and isn't yet another 3 series, C class, A4.

I love mine. It eats miles for breakfast with very comfy and suportive seats (Auto Express winner of most comfortable seat award).

Servicing at dealers is a little pricy but lots of independant specialists about and some very good Volvo clubs who can be very helpful.

Go on. Spoil yourself! Let us know how you get on.

volvo s60 D5 - Audikid

Bought mine (2004 - 2.0T SE Auto) as a second car stop gap. Had a run of Audis before and the Volvo was bought on price / value !!! I bought it at 9 months old and the price was stunning. The car is not a sports saloon and at first I was fairly under whelmed. However the more I use it the more I like it!! It is one of the most relaxing quiet cars I've driven. The 17" wheels don't do much for the quality of the ride - it is hard and jittery (and don't get me started on the turning circle..!) but the seats, hi-fi, warbling 5 cylinder engine just get better and better. Mine is still under warranty and the local dealer has been fantastic compared to interactions with Audi. Couple of warrenty items - new power steering resovoir and steering rack. Bizzare heavy steering when engine was hot. All sorted with no fuss and a big smile.

I would buy another tomorrow and recommend to anyone....
volvo s60 D5 - DP
A mate of mine bought an 86k 2.0 T S last year on an 51 plate (for under £6k from a dealer with a warranty!). Put another 10k on it and its been faultless.

Once you accept it's not an enthusiasts car, it is impossible not to like it. Big, refined, good looking (IMHO) torquey, spacious, safe, well kitted out and very well built. It has no (and I mean no) rattles or creaks and feels like a 10,000 miler.

I am quite tempted by the D5 when I retire my Mondeo next year. If no ST TDCi says "buy me!" that is.
volvo s60 D5 - BB
I bought a 2002 S60 T5 3 weeks ago and am very impressed with it. The suspension setup must be different on the T5 than the D5 as the T5 has excellent handling.
A nice big comfortable car, very good spec (9 speaker 5.1 dolby prologic stereo, cruise control, electric heated memory leather drivers seat, dual zone climate control, electric sunroof, numerous airbags etc)

I think the styling is great and would definately look at buying another Volvo as my next car.

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