Golf V specs? - Rudedog
I've a Golf V GT TDI, in the brochure they mention that the Golf range comes with 'Front footwell illumination', I've looked and looked for a light in the footwell but can't see one.

Are there any Golf V drivers out there that have these lights? or is it describing something completely different?
Golf V specs? - JohnM{P}
I suspect this was one of the options that tended to drift in and out of std spec. My Nov 2004 brochure says that footwell illumunation was std on the GT TDi; it was included in the Luxury Pack 1 option I included on my 105SE (delivered May 05) and I can confirm that my car definately has it. I also paid for the 'Highline' computer, which allows me, amongst other things, to switch the footwell illumination on and off and to adjust its brightness. If your multi-function computer doesn't allow you to do this, it may be a simple change for your dealer...

Golf V specs? - Rudedog
I've got a 2006 model and it says that this is standard across the range apart from the S, I also have the Lux pack 1 (folding mirrors), the footwell illumination is also part of the convenience pack which is standard on the GT. Next time I'm at the dealers I'll mention it. Also what does it do? is the footwell lit up all the time when the headlights are on or only when you open the doors for a set time?
Golf V specs? - nozmeister
VW Golf specs seem to change every few months...

e.g. just found out that the GT TDI 140BHP has turned into the "Sport", stayed the same price but lost rear leccy windows and front fog lamps....

Good to see that VW are getting away with charging over £19.5K for a 170TDI without including climate control...nice work fellas.
Golf V specs? - wrightstuff
Also you can't have the 'Sport' model with the 140bhp tdi, only the 1.9 105bhp. Guess the idea is for the car to look the same but option of lower power if you don't want the more expensive 140bhp. I have a Mk4 130 GT TDI and am looking to perhaps change to the 170bhp in the near future. Will be interesting to see if high UK dealer prices hold out for long ! Should imagine it won't be long before imports are available at big this space.
Golf V specs? - nozmeister

You can have the sport with the 140BHP TDI, although I've not seen one....

Golf V specs? - JohnM{P}
The foorwell illumination comes on with the interior courtesy lights ie on removing the ignition key, unlocking the car or opening a door. It is independant of the 'get you home' or automatic headlight lighting. The footwell lights are behind horizontal lenses, one immediately above the accelerator and the other next to the wheelarch on the nearside.
The illumination is great for finding that last extra strong mint you've dropped...
Golf V specs? - Rudedog
JohnM, I found the lights where you said, but mine definately don't come on when I open the doors or take the ignition key out, is it something the dealer can re-program to come on?
Golf V specs? - JohnM{P}
I suggest you speak to the dealer - if they are supposed to be there but don't work, they'd be covered by the warranty...
Good Luck!

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