Fiesta low MPG, what could it be? - fiesta1.1
Fiesta 1.1 1993 CFI, It is a new car to me and has only done 22000 miles from new. It is not being used for long trips maybe 10 miles at a time. It is warming up as it should and the MoT emissions a couple of months ago were OK. It is doing about 30 mpg which is not so good. And has this intermittent engine racing at idle sometimes as mention in my previous post. Any clues what it could be as i dont want to start changing bits randomly to no avail.
Fiesta low MPG, what could it be? - gramar
30 mpg and short runs - sounds about right. Try giving it a treat and run it ona fast road for about 100 miles and then check consumption. If you get somewhere around 45mpg - I think you can be assured nothing needs doing.
Fiesta low MPG, what could it be? - Armitage Shanks {p}
I waited for someone else to post! Short runs by you and average under 2000 miles a year for the whole of its life isn't going to produce great figures but, as it passed its MOT emissions recently, there can't be much wrong with it. The technology wasn't so marvellous in '93 and may be 30s mpg was good for a 1.1 engine at the time?
Fiesta low MPG, what could it be? - madf
Obvious checks.
Plugs: replace them - probably original
Air filter - ditto.

Catalyst probably carbonned up. A 50 mile long run at 60-70 mph should sort that.

Brakes binding?

But 30 mpg around town is quite respectable for such a car imo...
Fiesta low MPG, what could it be? - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
I know it is not a comparable car , but my Passat diesel only returns 32mpg or so on a 8 mile across town to supermarket via tip and home type trip.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
Fiesta low MPG, what could it be? - Simon
I would agree with the other posters that 30mpg sounds about right for the type of use that you are giving your fiesta. It will only return a decent mpg figure if you use it for long steady journeys.
Fiesta low MPG, what could it be? - DP
Agree with all of the above.

My Mondeo TD does 43 mpg usually, but restricted to town / short journey use, I'm lucky to get 35.

Fiesta low MPG, what could it be? - Martin1981
All cars drink more juice on start/stop short town journeys than they do on long distance runs regardless of engine size and whether it's petrol or diesel. My 1994 306TD normally averages 45mpg on the combined cycle, ranging from around 40 round town to 50-53 on long motorway runs at a steady 70-75mph.

Fiesta low MPG, what could it be? - zunkus
I've got a 1995 Fiesta Mk3 1.1 'Classic', Carburator version.
Does 35mpg around town, 45mpg otherwise. Looks normal to me.
I had trouble with engine stalling. Fault was from control box which was intermitantly not sending 12v to fuel shutoff valve in carb thus leaving it closed. No fuel, no va va voom :)
Fiesta low MPG, what could it be? - Screwloose

A carburettor? On a '95? Not unless it was built before 01/01/93. That's single-point fuel injection.
Fiesta low MPG, what could it be? - zunkus
Yes carburettor in 95. Over here in Malta the local agent got some '93 Fiesta's which he sold at a good price since the new Fiesta was already introduced. I got it at a thousand Maltese lira less than original price. They were branded as Fiesta Classic.
To say the truth I like the design better than the rounded version which came after it.

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