petrol in a diesel engine - Ford Connect - metso
Arrgh....i can't believe I did it , but I did, how can I sort this out.....
could drain
I filled up on my way home from work and accidently put in super unleaded petrol into my diesel hire van...luckily I noticed before starting it up, so I managed to call the RAC, this was 10pm, it was too late or at least too far to take me to a garage that could drain the tank, so I asked them to take me home...I 'm going to have to sort this out tomorrow morning, are there particular garages I should be looking for that can halp me with this situation.

The hire company's breakdown policy doesn't cover filling up with wrong fuel.

I live in Basildon in Essex..

thankyou for any help.

petrol in a diesel engine - Screwloose

What van; what exact engine; what exact year?

Have you turned the ignition on since it was fuelled?
petrol in a diesel engine - metso
Ford Connect, {Added to subject header - DD}

53 plate

I haven't turned the ignition.

T220 engine
petrol in a diesel engine - metso
also it was a 1/4 full when I put in the petrol about 35 litres worth.

this is a costly mistake.
petrol in a diesel engine - Screwloose

Not sure if that T220 reference is the engine? It will be either the TDCi or the TDDi unit. At least you haven't turned it on, so all the petrol should still be in the tank; that's a big plus. The TDCi is more of a problem than the TDDI and will need the tank and lines completly emptying to bone dry. The TDDI just needs a normal syphoning out and dosing any remaining dregs with a dash of engine oil.

Most competant garages can do this; but many won't as disposing of the mixed fuel is a real headache. Ask them if they own a fuel recovery unit; if so, then they'll likely take this job seriously.
petrol in a diesel engine - Hamsafar
Whatever you do, avoid ford dealers, as they could be leased from Ford and they could try and claim from you.
The mixed fuel could probably be used in an old two stroke engine!
Good luck, judging by how many people are supposed to do this a year, I expect most garages have done it before.
petrol in a diesel engine - metso
I rest tonight knowing last night is well behind me and the van is running okay having just driven it back from my local hero garage....

He did it all in plus curtesy car, £10 of diesel for £150 all in

last night I was quoted by a 24 rescue service for £300 - £350 plus vat...

I'm glad I did it my way and used the local Garage...

Thank you to Joe...

I wish you and your family a lovely holiday in Florida tomorrow. Thank you...
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Screwloose mentioned the problems with disposal of petrol / diesel mixtures. The vehicle hire company I work for have a 45 gallon drum for storing such mixtures. It costs £70 to have a full drum removed and replaced with an empty one.

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